Gordon, Mount

elevation: 3,203 m. height gain: 1,240 m.
area: Wapta Icefield,BC map 82 N/9-10

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields
parking lot

Almost ready to leave the trailhead.
Ski mountaineering: A high-pressure ridge has brought to the region clear but intensely cold weather. Val, Fab and I decided to ski up the Wapta. We stayed at the Bow Hut. The following day our objective was to ski to the summit of Gordon. The scenery in this crisp air is magnificent and the visibility is endless. We did reach the top with our skis, the ascent is gentle and straightforward. The temperature was so cold that we took some pictures and briskly made our way down. I can recall how bad the skiing conditions were: very stiff sastrugi etched in the snow. Fab was wearing double boots; it was so funny to watch him come down with legs awkwardly stretched out in a snowplow, trying to stay in control. Good times... After the comedy, lower down on the icefield the wind diminished and allowed us to take a nice lenghthy break. On the way back to the car, fatigue started to set in and the cold was a motive to get back quick. At the parking lot Fab's Reliant (K-car) wouldn't start. In the meantime our buddy Val was in the back seat freezing and moaning to get the f*# car going. Fab poured white gas down the carburator to get it going. I was expecting an explosion; is that his technique to warm us up? After a few tries the car started and the heater was on fully. Whoa, what a trip, no lack of excitement!
near the hut

Climbing on the glacier.

saint nicholas

Nearing Saint Nicholas, very crisp air.

at the top

The summit.

incredible view

Looking west.

more view

Easterly view.

summit picture

Self-timed picture at the frigid top.


Mount Balfour and Diableret Glacier.

back at the hut

Heading back down. Some skiers arriving at Bow Hut.
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