Glenn, Mount

elevation: 2,227 m. height gain: 850 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

Follow Whiteswan FSR for about 10 km to a major junction; 9 Mile FSR (one way). Turn on 9 Mile and look for a right hand turn off on a good road (indicated as Glenn road), 948572. The road markers start at 7 and I was able to drive to the 12 marker with a 2 WD until snow stopped me. Shortly after the 13 marker, I left the main and turned left on another major road leading in lightly timbered cutblocks, 956600. At 954605, I kept going straight (right) instead of staying on the main that leads up the ridge. I followed another road in the draw below the ridge until it started to circumvent a rib, 959620. From there, I booted up the slope aiming for the south ridge of Glenn that easily leads to the summit.
mount glenn

View of Mount Glenn from the west, summit is on the left.

route up
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.0. Had to keep Lincoln close, cougar tracks on the logging roads. Aside from that stressful factor, it was fairly straightforward. I had a "Google Earth" print-out along with a topo map and GPS.  Good freeze, good travel.

This is the only picture of Glenn that I have. It was taken from the summit of Mount Sabine.
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