Gemini Peak (Sherman Grand Slam)

elevation: 4,254 m.
height gain: 195 m. (from the Dyer-Gemini Col)
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Sherman,
        CO 39106B2

gemini peak

On my way to the second objective of this loop, Gemini Peak.
-North-west ridge from Dyer-Gemini Col   class 2
-West slopes of Gemini   class 2

Hike: RT 7.0 (includes Dyer Mountain, Mounts Sherman and Sheridan); 1.0 up from Dyer Mountain. After a nice ascent over Dyer Mountain, I continued towards Mount Sherman's long gentle north ridge. First, I had to climb up the steep shaded north-west ridge from Dyer's windy saddle. I wasn't looking forward to stepping into the shade with the strong wind but the climb on talus didn't appear to be very long. When I crested atop the ridge, the sun immediately warmed me up. Gemini's twin peaks are more distinguishable from below; it was hard to tell that I was standing on the lower peak, it just looked like Mount Sherman's north ridge to me. I veered towards the pyramidal mound to the east which is Gemini's taller peak, it's a worthwhile easy side trip just a skip and a hop away. Gemini Peak is considered a sub-peak of Mount Sherman and grants a fabulous 360˚ view. This very lofty 13er could be a centennial summit but lacks the prominence, it is 40' short of being a 14er! The ascent is short and sweet; additionally, the top sports a nice rock shelter for anyone considering a good break. I took pictures but didn't stay very long, I wanted to reach the summit of Mount Sherman before the crowds and carry on to Mount Sheridan before the afternoon's possible unstable weather. The descent was speedy and I was delivered back onto Mount Sherman's connecting ridge. The wind was still very strong but the heat and brightness of the day made up for it. I hiked the broad gentle ridge mindlessly, contemplating this and that, it was a good feeling.

looking back

Looking back at Dyer Mountain.

prominent power line

The prominent power line continues past Mount Evans B and heads north.

pennsylvania mountain

Lovely tarns at the foot of Pennsylvania Mountain; John Brightbill, this mountain's got your name on it!

about to step in the shade

It is very windy and I'm about to step in the shade, brrrr....

sawatch range across the valley

The Sawatch Range across the valley, Iowa Gulch trailhead is still in the shade.

looking back again

Looking back again as I near the ridge crest and Gemini's lower peak.

higher eastern peak

The higher eastern peak of Gemini is a skip and a hop away.

rock shelter at the top

Nice rock shelter at the top of this unranked, yet very lofty 13er (40' short of 14,000').

view south

Southern view towards popular Mount Sherman, Mount Sheridan is also visible (right of center).

dsouth-eastern view towards fairplay

View south-east towards the town of Fairplay.

north-eastern view

North-eastern view over Pennsylvania Mountain which is a ranked 13er.

returning on sherman's north ridge

Returning onto Mount Sherman's north ridge.

continuing towards mount sherman

Continuing my trek towards Mount Sherman.

looking back at gemini's twin peaks

As I look back, the twin peaks of Gemini are more obvious.

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