Gap Peak GR:247612

elevation: 2,517 m. height gain: 1,197 m.
area: Exshaw,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
gap peak

Gap Peak from the car.
Scramble: RT 6.5; 3.5 up. Left really early from Golden in order to beat the forecasted precipitation for the early afternoon; we also decided our trip would include a stop in Banff on our way back to go buy some mountaineering boots. (Our old, used and abused Nepal Tops, bought in '95 are truly not repairable anymore). We left Lincoln at home with the kitties, this one is not for you Bud! The weather was great, quite mild, clear with light wind. We followed the directions to veer left in the forest to clear the cliffs. There are numerous game trails and lines of ascent around the cliffs. Shortly thereafter, we found a flagged trail; it is not well worn yet but along with the flagging it is easily followed. The path is more obvious coming out of the trees. After the rockbands, we plodded up on the right of the pinnacles to the east side of the false summit. The ridge to the top is mildly exposed and narrows in some spots. There are a few easy rock steps before the top. We enjoyed the view at the summit for a while. On the way down, we went through the pinnacles to the window; the weather started to move in. From there it must have taken less than 10 minutes to get down to the traverse going left under the upper rockband. Very enjoyable trip!

before first cliff

Coming out of the trees, before the lower rockband.

second rockband

The upper rockband.

the pinnacles

The slope below the pinnacles.

ridge to the summit

The ridge to the summit.

jo at the summit

Jo at the top.

through the pinnacles

We came down through the pinnacles.

window in the pinnacles

The window at the lower end of the pinnacles.
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