Frosty Mountain, East Peak GR:581308

elevation: 2,408 m.
height gain: 1,650 m.
area: Manning Park,BC
map 92 H/2

Ref: E. C. Manning Provincial Park


Last sunrays in Princeton.
Hike: Manning Park is a popular area due to its proximity to Vancouver and its great trail system. Frosty Mountain, the tallest peak in the park, is likely the most sought after. The east peak is a little lower than the western peak but it's easily accessed by hikers of all levels. It features larch trees, alpine meadows and rugged mountain terrain. The trailhead at Lightning Lake boasts vast open lakeshore that is irresistible after a long day of hiking. Clearly, this objective is worth visiting. I was fortunate to do this trip with Milan as he's usually tied up on weekends. We took advantage of the nice weather and decided to spend the night on the summit. We left friday afternoon and stayed in Princeton. The following morning we drove to the park, got our camping permit and started hiking around noon. We trudged the steep trail past the wilderness campground and continued to the sub-alpine meadows. It was tough keeping up with Milan's fiery pace, he wanted to enjoy the afternoon on the summit. We stopped at a creek to fill our bottles as there is no water higher up. The remainder of the hike was straightforward. A well-trodden path in the rocks switchbacks to Frosty's east ridge where wooden posts indicate the Windy Joe trail. We veered towards our objective for the final ramble on the ridge and gained the summit in good time. After dropping our gear in a rock shelter, we made hot soup and admired the view while awaiting the sunset. Some hikers came and went. Wrapped in a sleeping bag, we savoured the last sunrays; the sunset was exquisite. The following day we returned via the Windy Joe trail. The descent along the ridge is very nice. Further down in the forest, we encountered a section of deadfall that hadn't been cleared; with heavy packs that wasn't pleasant. The final third felt very long and the last stretch along valley bottom required determination, by then my feet were like mush. Spending the afternoon by the lake was the perfect way to top off this great weekend.

on the way up

On the way up, a viewpoint overlooks Lightning and Flash Lakes. Hozomeen Mountain dominates the view.

nice trail

The trail meanders through larch trees.

filling water bottles

Stopping to fill our water bottles.

trail to the ridge

The trail switchbacks to the ridge.

windy joe junction

On the ridge, these posts indicate the Windy Joe trail junction.

looking back

Looking back.

frosty mountain

Frosty Mountain's double summit ahead.

at the top

Relaxing at the top.

true summit

Frosty Mountain's true summit to the west.

savouring the sunset

Savouring the sunset.

beautiful colours

Beautiful colours.

packing up

Slowly packing up the next day.

frosty's embassador

Frosty's embassador.

castle peak

Castle Peak across the border steals the show.

connecting ridge scramble

The connecting ridge to the true summit grants a loose class 4 scramble.

windy joe signs

Windy Joe's trail junction.

long east ridge

The Windy Joe trail follows the long east ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

nice descent

Nice descent along the ridge.

last views

Last views before entering the forest.
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