Frankie Peak GR:987665

elevation: 2,375 m. height gain: 300 m. (from Whistler Mountain)
area: Castle Wilderness,AB map 82 G/8

Ref: Nugara's More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies -2nd Edition
leaving whistler behind

Leaving Whistler Mountain and investigating the two alluring summits on right.
Scramble: RT 8.0 (includes Whistler Mountain); 1.5 up. Since I don't have Andrew's scrambling book, I was unaware that this was a feasible route; the objective was a last minute destination and I was uncertain about whether I would be able to traverse to the summit. I was actually aiming for the prominent highpoint east of Whistler Mountain when this summit and its twin peak caught my attention. I had time to spare and the lure was great so I decided to give the traverse a try. It was still very windy but other than that, the weather was nice. I traversed to the connecting ridge towards my new objective. Easy scrambling up the ridge along trees led to a snowy section. I carefully travelled on faint trail segments on both the north and south sides of the ridge crest; it wasn't difficult but the lichen-covered rock had a skiff of snow, that combination made travel treacherous. I was really happy to reach the summit, it was a "surprise" peak for me! I dropped my pack and braced myself, the wind was definitely howling and it was tough to get good pictures. I considered traversing to the twin peak to the east but the conditions weren't that favorable, no one knew where I was and backtracking or descending in the unknown didn't appeal to me. Following a short stay at the top, I returned to Whistler Mountain and picked up the lookout trail further. This was a very satisfying day in the mountains. I will come back in this region that's for sure!

Note: I later found out that a traverse from Frankie to Larry is possible, rated difficult by Nugara; it is also possible to descend back to the road via North Castle and its south-west ridge.

aiming for the ridge

Aiming for the connecting ridge ahead.

gladstone larry and frankie

Mount Gladstone, Larry Mountain and Frankie Peak (L to R).

interesting ridge

Interesting ridge, windswept on the one side and treed on the other.

scrambling and snow

After a bit of scrambling, I come upon some snow.

on the south side

Travelling on the southern aspect with Castle Peak in view.

trail segment

A trail segment on the northern side with the objective in front.

looking back

Looking back.

larry and gladstone

Larry Mountain and Mount Gladstone behind it as seen from the summit.

view north

View north over Table Mountain.

route travelled

The route I travelled from Whistler Mountain.

heading down

Heading down.

faint trail

A faint trail is visible at times.

circumventing the ridge crest

Circumventing the ridge crest.

on the ridge

On the ridge proper once again.


Backtracking on snow patches.

larry and frankie

Larry Mountain and Frankie Peak are apparently the same height.

reddish ridge

The reddish connecting ridge.

back on whistler mountain

Back on Whistler Mountain.

beautiful sight

Beautiful sight.

last glimpse

Last glimpse.

southfork and syncline

Southfork Mountain (left of center) and Syncline Mountain (right of center).

making my way down

Making my way to the lookout's trail.

easy trek to the trailhead

Easy trek back to the trailhead.
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