Forgetmenot Mountain

elevation: 2,332 m. height gain: 730 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/15

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
trail junction

The Forgetmenot Ridge trail junction is obvious.
Hike: RT 8.5; 4.0 up. As the scrambling season comes to an end in the Rockies, I migrate to the Front Ranges for more snow-free hiking. Forgetmenot is appealing as a late season objective, the crossing of the Elbow River is typically dry and the good access trail is easy to follow even with a skiff of snow. I spent the night at the trailhead, as I have been doing almost every weekend this fall. The following morning, I left as it got light out. I crossed the Harold Chapman bridge over the Little Elbow River and hiked on the river bank towards the objective. I located the Wildhorse Trail, crossed the Elbow River which was dry and continued on the wide trail. The junction for the Forgetmenot Ridge trail is obvious, a good climb ensued. The ridge walk is really pleasant, the weather was nice despite dark clouds; I enjoyed looking at the familiar snow-covered mountains to the west under changing light. I bypassed the northmost point and traversed to Old Forgetmenot as squalls came and went, I decided to continue to Forgetmenot Mountain before stopping for a real break. The sky darkened and it started snowing on the connecting ridge but when I began climbing to the summit, the sun came out again. At the lookout platform, I dropped my pack and settled for a nice long break. The clouds were stunning and added mood on this lovely fall day. It wasn't as windy now, I ate my lunch comfortably and appreciated the surrounding view. I stayed for over an hour before considering my return, I felt at ease and in no hurry. Backtracking was peaceful and I embraced the solitude. Back in the trees just before descending from the ridge, I opted to take another break. I chose a sunny spot and built a snowman for a friend that loves the snow and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After that, I resumed my descent and hiked back to the trailhead. This mellow trip was a good wind down fall hike, I thoroughly liked it!
steady climb

A steady climb on a good trail.

northmost highpoint

The northmost highpoint of Forgetmenot Ridge on the left.

pleasant ridge walk

Very pleasant ridge walk.


The fabulous Quartet: Banded, Outlaw, Cornwall and Glawsgow (L to R).

straightforward ridge

This straightforward ridge leads to Old Forgetmenot.

looking back

Looking back along the ridge.

nearing old forgetmenot

Nearing Old Forgetmenot's highpoint on the left.

cougar mountain and banded peak

Cougar Mountain (left) and striking Banded Peak on the right beyond the telemetry.

old forgetmenot

The cairn of Old Forgetmenot is visible ahead.

continuing to the true summit

Continuing to Forgetmenot Mountain at the south end of the ridge.

snow squall

A squall passes overhead.

connecting ridge

Hiking the connecting ridge.

sun's out again

The sun comes out again as I start climbing to the old lookout.

nearing the summit

Nearing the summit.

at the top

Standing on the old foundation of the lookout and looking north over the ridge I travelled.

eastern view

Eastern view.

south-western view

The south-western view includes Bluerock Mountain, Mount Rose and Threepoint Mountain in the forefront (L to R).


Selfie with the quartet behind me.

heading back

Heading back to Old Forgetmenot.

snow patches

Some snow patches on Old Forgetmenot.

traversing back to the north end

Traversing back to the north end of the ridge.

snowman for john

A snowman for my friend John!

nihani ridge

Nihahi Ridge on the other side of the Little Elbow River.

rock tree

Fabulous rock tree.
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