The Flatiron (Bhoral Peak) GR:335919

elevation: 1,898 m.
height gain: 870 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Alltrails

needle peak ahead

Needle Peak ahead.
Hike: RT: about 8.0. This summer I've been visiting the Coquihalla region religiously. This area has great trails to numerous summits. The mountains are lower than those in the Rockies but their sheer granite slabs are impressive and well worth visiting. The scrambles on firm, smooth rock are delightful and most objectives can be tackled in the winter; for these reasons, this place is a gem and quite popular. Once again, the weather forecast was dismal; once again, I decided to go hiking anyway. My plan was to return to the saddle by Needle Peak and continue towards The Flatiron. I brought my camping gear to spend the night on the summit. After reaching the saddle, I casually made my way down the trail to the tarn at the foot of Flatiron. Despite poor weather, there were several tents by the tarn. I located a crude trail on Flatiron's east ridge and ascended to the summit. Up to now it hadn't rained but that was about to change. I chose a nice flat section by an outcrop of trees hoping they would offer a bit of respite from the nagging wind. I took pictures and set up my tent as it began to drizzle. From the comfort of my shelter, I listened to the rain and watched the thick fog roll in and out. I enjoyed a good dinner and fell asleep shortly thereafter. It was still raining the following morning. When I noticed a lull, I quickly packed my gear. My return wasn't too bad, I managed to stay somewhat dry. I liked my excursion to The Flatiron even if it rained!

yak and nak peaks

Looking across the highway towards Yak and Nak Peaks.

the flatiron

The Flatiron's repeater can be seen from the saddle.

nice tarn

The tarn at the foot of The Flatiron.

ascending flatiron

Following the trail on the east ridge of The Flatiron.

nearing the top

Nearing the top.

low clouds

Low clouds are rolling in.


The missile-like repeater.

seeking shelter

Seeking shelter from the cold wind.

watching clouds

I'm watching the fast-moving clouds from the comfort of my tent.

similar weather

Similar weather the following morning after a torrential downpour.

packing up

Packing up before rain resumes.

heading back

Heading back.


The tarn would be refreshing on a hot summer day.

alpaca, vicuna, guanaco

Alpaca, Vicuna and Guanaco Peaks are visible for a short while.

past the saddle

Past the saddle, it starts to rain again.
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