Fisher, Mount

elevation: 2,843 m. height gain: 1,403 m.
area: Fort Steele,BC map 82 G/11-12

Ref: Cranbrook recreation trails

Lincoln is ready to go...
Scramble: RT 8.5; 4.25 up. We took the truck (glad we did) and parked at the trailhead, 076989, where we camped. This is a marked trail to the summit and a very popular outing; we decided to bring Lincoln. The temperature was quite hot, above 30c during the day with clear sky. It took a while for the air to cool overnight and allow us some quality sleep! The next day we got an early start to beat the heat. The well worn trail gains elevation quickly and conveniently enough, it has water available almost all the way up. Lincoln did very well on the way to the col. The remaining snow was a treat and the upper gully was not intimidating to him, we still put him on leash at this point. The ridge is blocky but offers several lines of ascent. Near the summit a few sections require hands on, we decided this was where Link would wait with me while Fab went up to the top. It took him about 10 minutes, he took pictures, signed the register then came back down. At this point he stayed with Link allowing me to go to the top as well. Coming down was good, Lincoln started to understand to go to the end of his retractable leash and stay until we closed the gap then go again, stay... We let him off the leash on the snow below the upper gully and he went NUTS, so did we, boot skiing and screaming like banshees! We stayed at the tarn for quite a while in the shade of a tree; it was a great feeling.

before first cirque

On the way up.

up the drainage

Looking up from above the waterfall.

tarn second cirque

Small break at second cirque tarn.

last bit

The last bit of ridge is blocky.


Summit at last.
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