Fable, Mount

elevation: 2,702 m. height gain: 1,325 m.
area: Exshaw,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
the dam

The end of the pipeline.
Scramble: RT 9.0; 4.5 up. Both Fab and I have put off this outing several times over the years. The weather was good so we decided to try it. We left the car early, under blue sky but the forecasted late afternoon thunderstorms set the pace. With fast strides and no detours, we made our way up Exshaw and Fable Creek. Before reaching the headwall preceding the col, we veered climber's right, up a treed rib instead of following the scree trail on the left of the creek. That option offers some shade and a direct line to the right side of the headwall, which is then ascended. After reaching the col, the best is yet to come. The slabs leading to the summit ridge are interrupted by cracks filled with scree; an easy way presents itself. We soon stood by the "crack" which leads to the "ledge" on the south-west side of the ridge. Indeed the ledge is narrower near the crest, it's airy coming down! From there the summit is visible. The ridge is narrow at times; good thing the wind wasn't gusting. After a good rest at the top, we started our descent carefully; once at the col, it was fast down the loose shale to the headwall. Happy about still having nice weather, a couple of nice breaks broke up our return. Mount Fable turned out to be fabulous!
along the way

We crossed the creek a few times along the way.


Fable is getting a bit closer.

fable creek

We followed the drainage to a treed rib.

treed rib

Ahead, we veered away from the main trail into the treed terrain.


Going up the headwall.

the col

Loose shale leads to the col.


Scrambling begins.

a closer look

We made our way through the slabs with little difficulty.

typical terrain

The "crack" comes into view.

summit ridge

Standing at the crest of the "ledge", the last bit to the summit.

at the top

"Powering up" for the descent.


Great view of Morrowmount.

looking back

Looking north-west along the summit ridge.

the ledge

Looking down the "ledge", the "crack" is visible.

down the ledge

The airy "ledge".


Reaching for a snack!

keeping to the east side

We retraced our steps through the treed rib.
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