Evans B, Mount

elevation: 4,138 m. height gain: 845 m.
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Climax, CO

Ref: 14ers.com
mosquito pass road

Starting on the Mosquito Pass Road.
Snowshoe trip: RT 6.5; 3.75 up. When I arrived in the Colorado Rockies for a second time this spring, I brought unstable weather along with me! After squeezing a quick ascent of North Star Mountain on friday, storm cycles moved in. Tim and I planned an outing despite the poor weather forecasted over the weekend; we figured we may as well get out and try an ascent, sometimes you get lucky! Tim wanted to do Mount Silverheels, a centennial 13er. We gave it a shot but encountered gale winds on the ridge; after our experience on Atlantic Peak, we agreed it was safest coming back in better conditions. Monday's weather was also dodgy but I was going a bit stir crazy so I decided to try Mount Evans B. In Leadville's backyard, I didn't have to drive far and the ascent seemed like a good candidate given the current conditions. From the winter closure, I hiked the Mosquito Pass road to Diamond Mine and beyond. I made my way towards Mosquito Pass but instead of ascending to the pass, I followed the powerlines towards some shacks on the ridge line. The dark clouds coming over the Sawatch Range were intermittent with blue holes, I felt safe continuing to the summit a short distance away. My biggest struggle was battling the wind, every time I took pictures my fingers froze. I carried on to the top without stopping much. The climb itself wasn't anything special but the view of all the familiar peaks was fantastic. I especially liked seeing Dyer Mountain's west ridge from this angle and how the Sawatch Range appeared to be squished by heavy dark clouds. I didn't stay that long because of the wind; actually, I beelined off the ridge the minute I got the opportunity to do so. Instead of backtracking to my ascent, I glissaded down a gully on the west face and made my way back on the snow-packed road. I was quite happy to have gone out today!
diamond mine

Diamond Mine looks like it was part of a recent mining resurrection.

mount evans b

Mount Evans Gulch with Mount Evans B on the right.

following the powerlines

Roughly following the powerlines to gain the summit ridge.

shelter on the ridge

On the summit ridge I find shelter from the strong wind behind a shack.

close to the top

Just a short distance from the top.

very easy hike

Very easy hike.

western view

Looking west towards Mounts Elbert and Massive with Turquoise Lake on the right.

summit cairn

Behind the cairn is Dyer Mountain, Gemini Peaks (left) and Mount Sherman (left center).

northern mosquito range

Northern part of the Mosquito Range beyond Mosquito Pass.

dyer mountain

A close up of Dyer Mountain and its infamous west ridge.

north-eastern view

North-eastern view with 14ers in red and 13ers in yellow.

prospect mountain

Prospect Mountain and Buckeye Peak on the right.

on my way down

On my way down.

down the west face

Beelining down the west face.

taking shelter again

Taking shelter behind another shack while I call Tim, my emergency contact.

fast and fun shortcut

The shortcut was great, it was both fast and fun!

mount massive

A closer look at Mount Massive across the valley.

relics of the mining era

Relics of the mining era.

mindless hiking

Mindless hiking on the road.
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