Evans, Mount

elevation: 4,348 m.
height gain: 225 m. (from the Spalding-Evans Col)
area: Idaho Springs,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Evans, CO

Ref: 14ers.com
on mount evans' west ridge

Summit Lake from Mount Evans' west ridge.
Ascent:   -West ridge from Spalding-Evans Col  class 2
Descent:  -North-east face  class 2

Hike: RT 5.5 (includes Mount Spalding and The Sawtooth); 1.75 up from The Sawtooth. Mount Evans was my main goal for today but standing on the summit was like a déja vu since I had visited the top yesterday after driving the Scenic Byway. This time though, I hiked up from Summit Lake. This was not a demanding outing but the purpose was to get acclimatized while summiting my first 14er on this trip. To make it interesting, I had planned a loop which included Mount Spalding and The Sawtooth; my descent using the north-east face would complete the loop. Following my side trip to The Sawtooth, I backtracked to the trail along the south side of Mount Evans' west ridge. The cairned trail below the ridge crest is easy to follow even with snow here and there; the main concern was avoiding slipping on the frosty rocks. When I approached the Scenic Byway and the tourist's trail, I started to hear people. I gained the popular trail and reached the top of Mount Evans well before the deteriorating afternoon weather. There was several people sharing the summit and enjoying the view. A couple was having a photo shoot while a guy flew a noisy drone. I was thrilled to be here even if the accomplishment wasn't that grand. The earlier hike to Spalding in the dark and the privilege of witnessing a beautiful sunrise from a lofty viewpoint sure outweighed the fact that I still felt a little bit queasy... at least I didn't have a headache anymore. I stayed at the top for a while taking numerous pictures and talking with fellow hikers. Once satisfied with my summit stay, I came down the tourist trail to the summit parking lot and located the trail on the north-east face. This steep trail took me directly to the paved road below, about a kilometer from Summit Lake. As I hiked down, I noticed clouds forming to the east rather quickly. I walked down the road to the lake's parking lot where I had spent the night, I felt happy about today. I looked forward to driving to Alma and my next trailhead at Kite Lake, tomorrow I was attempting the Decalibron 4-peak circuit; hopefully, I would be feeling better!

following the cairned trail

Following the cairned trail in the shade with Abyss Lake on my right.

looking back at the sawtooth

Looking back at Mount Bierstadt (left) and The Sawtooth rising above Mount Evans' shadow.

snow remains

A bit of snow remains and the rocks are frosty.

lined up cairns

Lined up cairns indicate the way towards the paved Scenic Byway and the tourist's summit trail.

nearing the top

Nearing the top on the popular tourist trail.

on mount evans for the second time

On Mount Evans for the second time! Mount Bierstadt (left of center) and West Evans on the right.

mount spalding

Mount Spalding and Summit Lake.

posing on the summit

A visitor and I exchange picture-taking favours.

when lightning strikes

Lightning is a real hazard around summer time in Colorado.

dipping down the north-east face

Dipping down the north-east face from the parking lot.

good trail

A good trail leads right down to the Scenic Byway.

looking back up

Looking back up.

fast descent

The trail is easy to follow and offers a fast descent.

clouds are moving quickly

Clouds are moving in rather quickly.

on the road

On the road for the final stretch.

back at summit lake

Back at Summit Lake, 3,914 meters.
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