Evangeline Peak GR:047398

elevation: 2,572 m. height gain: 1,000 m.
area: Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB map 82 O/12-13-14

Ref: Steven's peak-bagging journey
grassy land

Vast grassy land, doggy heaven.
Hike: RT 7.5; 3.75 up. Going back to Ya Ha Tinda for yet another adventure with the dogs; we think they're gonna like this hike the most! We met Charles at the trailhead next to the Bighorn Campground and set off on the horse trails away from the canyon's edge that leads to the falls. Our excited dogs roamed freely in the vast grassy land, it was great to see them enjoy this fun safe environment. It was also nice for us as we could easily keep an eye on them! We followed the horse trail past a couple of junctions to the cutblocks, we left the trail and climbed one of them. From the top of the clearing, we bushwhacked a short distance then crested on the treed ascent ridge. This hike is pleasant, the dogs were doing great but at treeline, Fabrice found a sheltered spot in the sun to hang back with the dogs as he's done on several trips around this region. This was planned, Daisy has arthritis and 20 kilometers (60 km for dogs) is just too much. Charles and I continued towards the summit, head down with a strong wind in our back. At the summit, with a tight grip, I struggled to get my extra layers on. My fingers froze taking pictures; soon thereafter, we were on our way down. Back in the trees, the dogs came to greet us. Fabrice was nestled on a nice grassy slope in the sun, there was no wind. Charles and I dropped our things for a good break; I love moments like this, sharing the joy the mountains bring to me with my pack. The dogs are being spoiled with camping trips this season and so am I!
rupert and his glove

Rupert retrieves a glove he found.

wide horse trail

The trail continues through the trees.

antler sign

We reach the antler sign and carry on heading north (left).

another sign

Another sign soon thereafter.

ascending a cutblock

Ascending the middle cutblock.

typical terrain

Typical terrain after the cutblock.

lovely spot

Lovely spot with a good view on the objective.

treed ridge

Some snow on the treed ridge.


Treeline announces the turn around point for the hounds.

leaving the doggies behind

Charles and I continue to the top.

it's windy

It's very windy!

north-western view

North-western view from the summit cairn.

view south

View south.

approach ridge

Ya Ha Tinda Ranch beyond the approach ridge.

less wind

Suddenly much warmer without gale winds.

rupert gets a gift

Charles picked up an antler for Rupert, he's forever grateful.

hot dogs

Hot dogs on snow.


We leave as the shade reaches us, now it's cold


Backtracking to the horse trail.

finding the glove again

Rupert finds the glove again after losing the antler.

more shenanigans

More shenanigans.

happy doggies

Happy doggies.

fire and warm kibbles

Priorities when camping: fire and warm kibbles.

not warm

Not very warm this late afternoon...

all set up

Tent is up, sleeping bags laid out if a hound wants to retreat!
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