Ethelbert, Mount

elevation: 3,175 m. height gain: 995 m.
area: Brisco,BC map 82 K/15

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
finally parked

At the trailhead for Tiger Pass.
Scramble: The crux of this trip was driving up the steep, narrow access road to the trailhead with the extended cab 4x4. We often had to do multiple point turns and straddle the embankment, tires within 6" of the edge in some places. We were pleading with the Big Guy no one would come down the other way. The hike to Tiger Pass was very enjoyable with some firm snow patches. It is incredibly scenic from the start and the descent on the glacier to Shangri-La is also quite amazing and surprisingly straightforward. We set camp at the Upper Dunbar Lakes. The next morning the weather was clear and calm, we quickly left our camp to make our way up to the top. The ascent was steep but easy. Man, the view from this lofty local summit is spectacular! 

Shangri-La Basin and the Upper Dunbar Lakes.

going up

Going up with the lakes and Tiger Pass in the background.

peace up yo

The "scree cone".

looking back

Higher up on the summit ridge.

dunbar lakes

Many lakes of different colors, spectacular view.

fab at the top

Fab at the top.

top of the world

Incredible view from this lofty peak.

coming down

Skiing? The "scree cone" and summit ridge behind.


Packing up to head out.
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