Ernest Ross, Mount GR:375723

elevation: 2,454 m. height gain: 1,210 m.
area: David Thompson Highway,AB map 83 C/1

Ref: Eric Coulthart in the Canadian Rockies

The trailhead is about 31 km east of Saskatchewan River Crossing.
Scramble: RT 8.5; 4.0 up. This outing turned out to be excellent. My good friend Ev came along for this adventure to unfamiliar land. The weather exceeded our expectation; it never rained, it was warm with minimal wind. The scramble itself is quite enjoyable with no approach and a good trail. It is mostly a hike until you get close to the top where the ridge narrows. Although the summits appear hard to reach, the scrambling is not difficult. After a pitch with big, blocky strata, we walked onto the east summit. We encountered snow on the way to the west summit. The ascent was a bit trickier but manageable. In a short time we stood on the slightly higher summit. We stayed for a moment to take pictures and headed back down to the first peak for a good lunch break. The view over the Kootenay Plains and Abraham Lake is fantastic. The mountain scenery is stunning and very unknown to us. Despite the presence of ticks, we comfortably sat there talking. A party of three arrived at the top. They had come this way to avoid snowbound Kananaskis Country. Fab and I had met one of the fellows on a winter trip up Mount Haffner, this is a small world!!! After chatting for a while and taking more pictures, we started to descend. We took our time coming down, it was still early and I had to be vigilant of the sprained knee I sustained last week. At the car, we traded hiking boots for sandals, pants for shorts and headed off to the riverside.
typical terrain

Typical terrain.

ernest ross

The double summits of Ernest Ross.

looking back

Looking back.


Lots of grouse.

looking back

Looking back from higher up.

getting closer

Getting closer to the summits.

along the summit ridge

Ev contemplates the summit ridge.

slabs ahead

Ahead, we scoot over the slabs climber's left.

grassy ledge

On a wide grassy ledge.

traverse in gully

We missed the climb to the ridge crest and ended up traversing in a straightforward gully.

top of scramble

At the top of the scrambling bit just before reaching the top.

east summit

Elliot Peak and Abraham Lake from the east summit.

going up the second peak

Going up the west summit.

on the west summit

Ev and I on the true (west) summit.

heading down

Leaving the top.

picking our way

Picking our way down.

aiming for the buttress

Aiming for the buttress below.

col and first summit

The col and the east summit.

at the col

Back at the col in little time.

meeting another group

Another group also came up.


Coming down the scrambling section.

ridge crest

Leaving the ridge crest for the grassy ledge.

going to the grassy ledge

Very grippy textured rock.

continuing the descent

Heading down the ridge.
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