Embleton Mountain (Devick Peak) GR:074407

elevation: 1,712 m.
height gain: 750 m.
area: Kamloops,BC
map 92 I/16

Ref: Recreation Sites and Trails BC

eastern trailhead

Eastern trailhead.
Snowshoe trip: RT 7.0; 4.0 up. I came up with the idea of exploring this lowly plateau-like mountain when I read about the Embleton Mountain Trail Network. I figured the trails might be packed down by snowshoers, granting an advantage for a summit bid. It took me two outings to reach the mountain's highpoint. On the first day, I hiked to Embleton Lookout on a good trail; this short trek was a detour but it was worth a visit. From there, I locate and packed a trail on the service roads leading to my planned ascent route. I continued a fair distance towards the objective but as it got late, I opted to turn around and leave the remainder of the hike for the following day. On descent, I decided to blaze a direct route through the forest to join the trail lower down. The next day was even colder at -28˚c but the sun was shining. I set off early and easily followed the trail to my uptrack. I think there was an inversion higher up as it felt quite warm, I didn't even need my mitts. In 2.5 hours, I reached the end of my packed trail; I had plenty of time for the remainder of the trek. I enjoyed the open terrain on this beautiful windless day. In little time I gained the broad summit and soaked in the view, that's when I noticed a higher point north of me. Shoot, how did I miss that when I planned my trip... With no hesitation, I set off to tag the true summit. After losing a bit of elevation, I aimed for the south-east ridge and an unpleasant bushwhack ensued. It took me an additional hour to stand on the treed summit that offered absolutely no view, just an odd fence line. It was anticlimactic yet I was satisfied that I had put in time and effort to visit the true summit because that's what a peak-bagger does! Without lingering, I backtracked to the false summit and stopped to enjoy a well-deserved lunch in the sun. My descent was uneventful other than having the RCMP call me to ask me if I was in trouble. Someone had reported that my vehicle hadn't moved for two days; it's nice to see that there's still caring people out there.  

access road

Hiking on the unplowed access road to the upper parking lot and trail network.

fence line

The trail handrails a fence line.

on my way to the lookout

On my way to Embleton Lookout.

the lookout

Nice viewpoint.

it's really cold

It's really cold the next morning.

my shortcut

Following the shortcut I packed down in the forest.

travel is easy

Travel is easy on my beaten path.

pleasant ascent

Pleasant ascent in open terrain.

very little deadfall

Very little deadfall.

gentle climb

The climb is gentle and in the sun.

nearing the false summit

Nearing the false summit.

looking back towards kamloops

Looking back towards Kamloops.

false summit ahead

False summit ahead.

true summit

To the north, the true summit is revealed.

mount martin

Looking south-east towards Mount Martin.

visiting the true summit

On my way to the true summit.

south-east ridge

The south-east ridge is chock-full of trees.

near the top

Luckily, near the top the trees are more spaced.

viewless summit

A crude fence line on the viewless summit.

summit is anticlimactic

The false summit is way more enjoyable than this flat highpoint.

back to the false summit

Going back to the false summit to have lunch.

tod mountain

To the east, Tod Mountain is the highest of the three peaks that make up Sun Peaks Ski Resort.

heading back

Heading back down.

mount lolo

Mount Lolo south-west of me is easily accessed any time of the year.

my route

My route.
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