Devil's Thumb & Big Beehive

elevation: 2,458 m. height gain: 700 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: TrailPeak
big beehive

Big Beehive.
Scramble: RT 4.0; 2.0 up. Fabrice was in Kelowna attending an Arctic Cat seminar this weekend. The weather was very nice; I found it difficult to envision staying at home. I had been saving this outing for an occasion like this. Lake Louise is a short drive away and Devil's Thumb is a quick and easy scramble on a good trail. I think it could be a good introduction to scrambling, a short rockband must be surmounted and the trail travels along the steep mountainside. I left early to avoid the hoards of people; from the teahouse on, I didn't see a soul. After a reasonable stay at the top, enjoying the view towards The Plain of the Six Glaciers and listening to loud moving seracs, I started to slowly head down. I visited Big Beehive along the way; by now, some hikers were present.
devil's thumb

Devil's Thumb (left of center) and Mount Whyte.

lake agnes

Lake Agnes from the switchbacks.

beginning of the trail

Devil's Thumb and the beginning of the trail.

small rockband

A small rockband at the start offers a brief challenge.

trail along the mountainside

Lovely trail along the steep mountainside.

ascent gully

Ascent gully leading to the col, Mount Whyte on the left.

following footsteps

Following the footsteps!

last stretch

Last stretch.

mount victoria

Stunning Mount Victoria.

little and big beehives

Little Beehive (center) and Big Beehive (right).

leaving the top

Heading back down.

trail veers

The trail veers towards the mountainside.

pleasant traverse

Pleasant traverse.


Down the rockband.

beehive lookout

Big Beehive's lookout.

haddo peak

Haddo Peak and Mount Aberdeen behind the trees.

beehive trail

Devil's Thumb towers above the Big Beehive Trail.

lake agnes again

Lake Agnes again!
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