De Smet, Mount

elevation: 2,157 m. height gain: 1,250 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

Follow Kootenay River FSR to the south-east facing drainage at the end of De Smet's south ridge. At 880581 there is an old road indicated on the topo map, park here. Follow the old road to the main drainage between Sabine and De Smet, 884587. Hike up lightly timbered slopes climber's right of the drainage to the ridge which is then followed to the false summit. A short, easy traverse leads to the highest point, 890632.
de smet

Snowshoe trip: RT 8.5. Firm snow (once on the ridge). Awesome gargoyles higher up on the ridge gave the "big mountain" feeling. The last bit is not that steep and the traverse to the higher point, (not the official summit) is short. You can see the metal rod of the official summit (lower) on the east side, the connecting ridge looks intimidating! I wish I had pictures of the gargoyles, traverse and summit but our footage got taped over...

Mount De Smet.

de smet close up

 We ascended the ridge on the right of the picture and traversed to the highest point.

taking a break on the ridge

Taking a break on the ridge.
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