Cupid GR:264901 (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse)

elevation: 3,998 m.  height gain: 340 m.
area: Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Grays Peak, CO

start of the traverse

Mount Sniktau on the left, we'll be veering right at the bump ahead.
Hike: RT 13.0 (includes Grizzly, Torreys and Grays); 1.5 up. During the week, Tim and I planned to do a traverse of Grays and Torreys Peaks with a car shuttle, we invited Ian MacDonald who was quick to accept. Ian was present on my second 14er, Mount Elbert, almost a year ago to the day; I hadn't seen him since. We kept an eye on the weather, a substantial snowfall was to hit the Colorado Rockies on the friday before our outing. As it turned out, the southern part of the Sawatch Range got over a foot of snow; luckily, the Front Range was spared the brunt of the storm. We met Ian at Bakerville where we left my truck. Ian drove us to Loveland Pass, the start of our traverse; at 3,660 meters, it's already well above treeline. We left at dawn, it was cold and windy. As we progressed towards Cupid on firm snow, we lost all visibility. On the very broad ridge, it was difficult to determine which bump was the summit. We encountered a group of skiers that were also heading the same way but after speaking with them, they seemed to ski off the ridge towards A Basin ski area... We also veered off the ridge and had to pull out the compass, GPS and map to re-orient ourselves in the whiteout. The wind was chilling and we lost valuable heat and energy yet we continued without expressing concerns. As we plodded towards Grizzly Peak, the sun started to peer through the multiple layers of cloud. We had been banking on the forecast that called for an improving trend and we were happy to see it happen!!

a basin ski area

Looking at A Basin ski area and the Loveland Pass U.S. 6.

ian and tim

I'm fortunate to have met Ian and Tim a year ago on Mount Elbert.

losing all visibility

Losing all visibility as we near Cupid.

this is possibly the summit

The wind is almost unbearable, this is possibly the summit.....

whiteout navigation

Ian and I with compass and map at hand to re-orient ourselves.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.


Picture courtesy of Ian MacDonald.

heading towards grizzly

Heading towards Grizzly Peak.

this seems right

Ya, this seems right?!

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