Crowfoot Mountain

elevation: 3,030 m. height gain: 1,100 m.
area: Wapta Icefield,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields
nearing crowfoot

Heading towards Crowfoot.
Ski mountaineering: Some friends of a friend, Doug and Nancy, invited me along for this trip. Another fellow came along as well as their roommate at the time; that's when I met Fab. We spent the night at Bow hut. I remember how calm it was as we stood outside by nightfall. The following day the weather was beautiful, we headed back down from the hut and stashed sleeping bag and extra gear near a big boulder before starting our ascent towards Crowfoot. We traveled roped up, the route was fairly straightforward. We left our skis below the summit ridge and walked a short distance to the top. The view is awesome, we were able to fully enjoy it; the clear, calm weather was a blessing. On the way down we had great turns in nice loose snow; bonus! This trip is one to remember.
getting closer

Mount Baker can be seen on the left margin.

along the ridge

Nice walk on the summit ridge.

incredible view

A couple of steps to the summit.

at the top

Fab, Doug (standing), Nancy and Don.

another one

Gooffffy summit picture.

before going down

Southern view.

waiting our turn

About to ski down.


I'm loving those turns, very good conditions!

don on telemarks

Don going down on telemarks.
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