Cory, Mount

elevation: 2,802 m. height gain: 1,370 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/4

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
summit ridge

The interesting summit ridge.
Scramble: RT ?, 3.5 up. I set off from Banff on a nice day. The trail on the ascent rib is obvious; past treeline it becomes less evident. There's lots of pinnacles and small benches, I paid attention along the way to help find my path on return. Finally I stood on the north summit, the weather was great allowing me to stay there for a while. I recollect wiping out on a speedy traverse back down on firm scree, funny what sticks with you...
at the top

Self-timed summit shot.
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