Conical Peak

elevation: 2,819 m. height gain: 1,840 m. (includes height loss)
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82/N 15-16

Ref: Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association
along silverhorn creek

Travelling climber's left of Silverhorn Creek to the access drainage on the right of the picture.
Scramble: RT 12.0; 6.0 up. This objective came to my attention when I read a trip report from the Ramblers last fall. I liked the attributes used to describe the approach and I really wanted to hike that beautiful ridge. With a decent forecast, we sent coordinates to Charles and met him at 6 AM at the Silverhorn Campground. We found a trail climber's left of the creek and followed it. The intermittent trail climbs above a canyon and waterfalls, rejoining the creek higher up. The terrain then tapers and gravel flats offer pleasant hiking to the access drainage. Ascending the draw is straightforward but some sections are loose... Once on the broad ridge, stunning views to the east unfold; the ridge itself is colourful and delightful to walk on. Indeed the objective is very conical! After a quick snack break, we hiked over the bumps along the ridge and tackled the short easy climb to the summit. The light wind on the summit wasn't bothersome, with the sun it felt really nice. We enjoyed the view and replenished with a good lunch before returning. It started to drizzle and suddenly felt colder; thankfully, it didn't last long. As we descended from the ridge, we released a rockalanche, it had been awhile since I had seen a fluid flow of rubble come down the mountain like that. When the rubble stopped moving and the excitement was over, we resumed our scree run. Backtracking went well, the game trails helped. This is a pleasant trip considering it's length and the fact that it has almost no trail from the start!
gravel flats

Pleasant gravel flats.

access drainage

The sun is rising above the access drainage.

traverse into the drainage

Traversing above a small rockband to reach the drainage.

small headwall

A small headwall comes into view.

loose rubble

Loose rubble around the headwall.

upper draw

No shortage of water in the upper draw!

gaining the ridge crest

Veering climber's right to gain the ridge crest.

first bump

On the ridge, heading to the first bump.

conical objective

The objective is indeed very conical.

ascending the first bump

Ascending the first bump.

second bump

A pleasant walk to the second bump on the left, Mount Hector is visible in the distance (left).

conical peak

Conical Peak from the second bump.

at the top

At the top.

connecting ridge

Mount Weed, Howse Peak along with Mount Chephren protrude over the connecting ridge.

view east

View east towards Recondite Peak.

view south

Dolomite Creek to the south.

pleasant ridge walk

Very pleasant ridge walk back to the access drainage.

dark clouds and drizzle

Returning under dark clouds, drizzle and sun.

quill peak

Coming down the first bump with Quill Peak on the right.

dropping in the draw

Dropping in the draw.

good marker

This perched white rock is a good marker.

loose scree avalanche

Rocknado! My descent is interrupted by a loose scree avalanche.



traverse to valley bottom

About to traverse to valley bottom.

nice flats

Nice flats before we dip down and sidehill along the creek.

cairn builder

Fabrice, cairn builder extraordinaire!
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