Coliseum Mountain

elevation: 2,035 m. height gain: 635 m.
area: Nordegg,AB map 83 C/9

trail map

Trail map.
Snowshoe trip: 7.0; 3.5 up. After driving through a snowstorm along the divide and dodging deer on highway 11, we finally met Charles and drove to the trailhead. The trail was packed down, we proceeded on foot taking our snowshoes for higher up. The trail was easy to follow and travel was pleasant. Once on the summit ridge, the track stopped; we strapped on the snowshoes and continued along the wide treed ridge. It was windy but we weren't too bothered as we trekked in the trees most of the way. The snowpack was supportive, we reached the north end of the ridge in decent time. We sat comfortably on grasses and enjoyed the view, basking in the sun. The wind eventually drove us off the summit; we backtracked and took another fine break before descending on the trail. This is a neat spring trip, it would have been nice to have the doggies with us. We'll have to redeem ourselves and take them up Shunda Mountain Lookout one of these days!

The trailhead.

good travel

Good travel on a packed trail.


View south over the town of Nordegg.

cresting on the ridge

Cresting on Coliseum's wide ridge.

short dip

A short dip to the connecting ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

our objective

Our objective stands at the northern end of the ridge.

coliseum and shunda mountains

Coliseum and Shunda Mountains.

breaking out of the trees

Breaking out of the trees at the north end of the ridge.

looking back again

Looking back again.

summit block

Coliseum's summit block.

last bit

Last bit.

at the top

At the top.

western view

Western view with the cairn.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

nearing the packed trail

Nearing the packed trail.
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