Cockscomb Mountain

elevation: 2,776 m. height gain: 1,370 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/4

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
faint trail

A faint trail along Ranger Creek.
Scramble: RT 9.0; 4.5 up. Rain was in the forecast so we packed warm layers. From the start, we got drenched from hiking through the undergrowth. We did find a faint trail along climber's left of Ranger Creek. It travels at the edge of the alder, a slight distance away from the creek. When the drainage narrows, the trail becomes more distinct and leads to the ladder and waterfall mentioned by Bob. Thereafter, we followed the sometimes dry creek bed to the back of the draw. We recognized the ascent ridge but could not distinguish the narrow ascent gully in the trees. We kept going along the creek bed and figured we could get to the ascent ridge from the north-east side. Indeed, at treeline, we aimed for the shoulder of the ridge; no problem. This turned out great as we managed to avoid going up in wet shrubs. The hike to the top is pleasant. We were lucky and had a very nice summit break with no wind. We enjoyed familiar sights shrouded in clouds. After almost an hour, we reluctantly left the top. Nearing treeline, we spotted Bob's gully and followed it. Straight and steep we arrived at the creek bed in no time at all! We were thankful it still wasn't raining for the remainder of the return. This scramble is straightforward but not without effort!

I don't really want to step on that.


The ladder has been fixed!


The waterfall comes out of the rock.

dry creekbed

Following the dry creek bed.

ascent ridge

The ascent ridge comes into view.

going around the corner

We passed the described ascent gully, keeping to the creek bed.

back of the draw

The creek bed offers good and dry travel.

good alternative

We aimed for the shoulder from the north-east aspect.

easy going

The easy ascent ridge.

awesome view

Looking back.

false summit

The false summit.


True summit ahead.

fab cheers


stunning view

Some clouds but still a stunning view.

happy dance

Boogie summit dance.

we must return

Time to head back.

last look

Last look at both summits.

bob's gully

Straight down the swath in the forest.


Back in the creek bed.
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