Citadel Peak

elevation: 2,610 m. height gain: 410 m.
area: Assiniboine,AB map 82 O/4

Ref: Several on the internet; via Citadel Pass.
hiking in

Near Sunshine Village.
Hike/Scramble: After reaching Citadel Pass on a leisurely trip with some friends (pictures shown), I knew I would come back and scramble both Citadel and Fatigue. Fab was working up at Sunshine Village, building the existing Divide chair. I took a ride up to the village along with him for one of his shifts. The walk to the pass was very pleasant. From the pass, I hiked up the broad north-east ridge to the rockband.  I traversed climber's left on the east side to several convenient weaknesses. The summit is minutes away! This is a very short scramble from the pass; it is well worth combining with Fatigue Mountain.
citadel behind

Almost at Citadel Pass.

easy ascent from the pass

The east side of Citadel Peak from the pass.

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