Chimper Peak GR:602762

elevation: 2,874 m.
height gain: 1,400 m.
area: Kootenay Park,BC
map 82 N/1

Ref: David P Jones' Climber's Guide to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, Vol. II, Rockies Central.

tokumm creek trail

Tokumm Creek Trail.
Scramble: RT 9.25; 4.5 up. When Raff invited me to do this unnamed peak, I wasn't really interested; I wanted to go ascend an official summit in the Front Range instead. He then told me I'd be missing out on meeting Andrew Nugara... Well, why didn't you say so in the first place; that changes everything! I've been wanting to meet this lad for a long time, Andrew has inspired countless trips with the stunning pictures and humorous trip reports from his website. Fab and I met Andrew, Raff, Connor and Marta at the Marble Canyon trailhead; we soon got on the way while conversing. The good trail quickly leads to the prominent access avalanche path, little snow remained lower down. This objective reminded me of Ochre Peak, just west of us. We started climbing the swath. An easy ascent brought us to steeper terrain just prior to the bowl where we finally got onto snow. We regrouped and snacked while sharing stories; then, we began ascending firm snow slopes towards a steep headwall. A sliver of snow breached the headwall, it offered a direct climb to the upper slopes. The terrain is straightforward and pleasant, we reached the summit ridge in good time; the view that greeted us is phenomenal. We walked to the summit cairn where we enjoyed a warm windless stay under a sunny sky. I built a snowman on the cairn for a friend in Pennsylvania; mister Chimper became the star at the top and cameras came out as we posed next to him. It was all fun and game 'till Raff round kicked his head off!!! Hell, that was funny!!! After well over an hour, we reluctantly peeled ourselves off the summit. As soon as we dropped from the summit ridge, we started glissading all the way down the bowl. The snow had softened so it was advantageous to go last and use other people's butt trenches. After much excitement, we resumed our descent back to the trail. The boys paced ahead while Marta and I hung back. This sure was a fine day out in the mountains with some great people. So very pleased to finally have met the author of "More scrambles in the Canadian Rockies"!

tokumm creek

Hiking along Tokumm Creek.

avalanche path

Obvious access avalanche path.

ascending the path

Ascending the path.

cresting in the bowl

Some snow remains where we crest in the bowl.

in the bowl

In the bowl, the route veers climber's left.

remainder of the route

The remainder of the route to the summit ridge.

good travel on snow

Travel on firm snow is delightful.

looking back

Looking back.

breaching the headwall

Breaching the small headwall.

steep snow sliver

A bit higher up on the steep snow sliver.

thumbs up

Connor gives a "thumbs up".

view south

The view south is fantabulous.

upper slopes

Raff leading the way on the upper slopes.

scenic rockwall

Andrew enjoying the scenic Rockwall.

on the summit ridge

On the summit ridge with Storm (left) and Ball Mountains in the background.

castle and boom mountains

Castle Mountain beyond Boom Mountain.

summit bound

Summit bound.

view north

View north towards Quadra Mountain on the left.

summit cairn

At the summit cairn.

the guys

The guys: Fabrice, Raff, Andrew and Connor (L to R).

mister chimper

Mister Chimper! ...he likes to smoke...

marta and i

Marta and I with Mister Chimper; he's a chick magnet!

raff and andrew

Raff and Andrew are two well-accomplished mountain Ninjas.

ten peaks

Stellar northern scenery towards the Ten Peaks.

leaving the top

Leaving the top, I'm already glissading.

summit ridge

On the summit ridge briefly.


Backtraking to the upper snow slopes.

getting sprayed

Fabrice sprays me intentionally while glissading.

nice long glissade

Nice long glissade.

bottom of the bowl

Bottom of the bowl.

descending the path

Descending the prominent avalanche path.

on the trail

On the trail once again.

happy crew

Happy crew.
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