Charles Stewart, Mount (South)

elevation: 2,764 m. height gain: 1,473 m.
area: Canmore,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
at the start

Some signage near the start along a good trail.
Scramble: RT 8.0; 4.5 up. What a contrast with our hot and dry trip in the region last week! As we drove-in, we were surprised by the amount of new snow. We also took note of the difficult terrain below the south summit, our objective. A traverse to the true summit is most likely complex, explaining why scramblers forego the north peak. We followed "stoneworks" signs up onto Johnny's Trail. This leads to Stoneworks Canyon. The tall vertical walls in the confined canyon are bolted for sport climbing. Hours could be spent looking at the lines of ascent! This is a very impressive area, we're glad to come this way. Because of the snow on the ground, we boulder hopped in the creek bed. We saw great ice layers above the scarce waterway. The ascent gully came into view and so did the sunshine. We continued on supportive snow up the gully. Nearing the upper gully, we climbed to the ridge avoiding deeper snow. The ridge easily led us to the summit cairn. I ventured slightly further to peer down the north ridge, not very appealing... Anyway, after a short while we retraced our steps down as the weather moved in. The snow was softer by now; it was good for the descent. Going through the canyon again is nice. We lingered there, wishing we were climbers spending a day at the crag!
nearing the canyon

Bedrock appears near the canyon.


Entering impressive Stoneworks Canyon.


Overhanging walls close to each other.

more canyon

The canyon's walls offer numerous bolted climbs.

in the drainage

The drainage beyond the canyon.


A neat layer of ice skims the water.

summit in sight

The south summit comes into view (left of center).

ascent gully

The ascent gully.

looking back

Looking back at Canmore and The Three Sisters.

upper gully

The upper gully, little post-holing.

gaining the ridge

Gaining the ridge, the weather is still very nice.


A backdrop of familiar mountains around Banff.


Easy plodding along the ridge.


View north from the cairn.


Not so good picture of the connecting ridge to the official summit.


Fab at the cairn.
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