Cegnfs GR:204242

elevation: 2,804 m. height gain: 900 m.
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/11-14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
after mud lake

Leaving Burstall Pass Trail at the start.
Scramble: RT 8.0 (including Murray); 3.0 up. We had planned an outing in the Chester Lake area but the trail was closed because of bear activity. The weather was fantastic and after driving for three hours, we didn't want to turn back. We figured there might be a scramble we can do from the Burstall Pass parking lot across the road. We had Kane's first edition scrambling book: we picked Cegnfs and Murray. Without reading trip reports from other scramblers, we were unaware of some helpful details. We ended up ascending the north ridge of Cegnfs too early. Although we noticed our mistake well before reaching the ridge crest, we still had to side-hill on loose rubble to gain to right ascent slope. We found the mentioned ascent drainage on the way down. It is easy to follow while descending but the rocky drainage does not run all the way to the trail below, making it harder to spot coming up. Upon hearing the waterfall (you don't really see it), continue on the trail past a small creek (intermittent). Shortly after, start ascending the west flank. Within 10-15 minutes, you should find the drainage with its very impressive, tall waterfalls. If you can find it, it's half the battle! Unfortunately, the ascent up Cegnfs is loose and not that pleasant.

Crossing French Creek.

better than bushwhacking

This is the rocky access drainage. We found it on the way down.

the correct way

We came down above the creek bed (climber's right) but some people stay in the draw to gain the grassy slopes ahead.


Beautiful waterfalls rage down Cegnfs' west flank.

murray is impressive

Mount Murray's towering summit block on the right.

our detour

Don't start climbing when you hear the waterfall!!! You'll end up way over there.

the right way is much better

We contoured towards Murray until we noticed a weakness in the bluffs.

weakness in the bluffs

Weakness in the bluffs.

loose rubble

Finally on the right path.

last stretch

The ascent ridge.

visible trail

Mount Murray, the trail is visible.

summit cairn

The summit of Cegnfs.

nothern view

Looking north towards Spray Lakes.

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