Castor Peak

elevation: 2,777 m. height gain: 1,530 m.
area: Rogers Pass,BC map 82 N/3

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields. Via Sapphire Col.
nice summer view

Nice summer picture of Sapphire Col and it's approach, notice the trough leading to the upper glacier.
Ski mountaineering: This trip involved a stay at the quaint 6 person Sapphire hut. I went with a good friend and co-worker, Val. The ski in is quite long but the terrain is very interesting and the view is grandiose. The nice weather added a nice touch as well. Another group of skiers was ahead of us, they also stayed at the hut. I recall how much steam accumulated in the hut when everybody started cooking; it was ridiculous. The following day we ascended the steep snow slopes of Castor Peak, the view from this summit is breath taking. We put the skis back on at the hut and skied down the same way we came up. The skiing was once again fantastic; love this place!
lower asulkan

Looking back down the Asulkan Valley.

along the way

Heading towards the trough, climber's left of the rock shoulder separating Dome Glacier.

the top of castor

From the top of Castor, the hut is circled below the ascent slope.

great skiing

The practice slopes.
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