Cascade Mountain

elevation: 2,998 m. height gain: 1,325 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/4

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
first attempt

Posse of nine, Cascade in the background.
Scramble: Cascade is a very special mountain for most people passing through Banff. It is impressive yet familiar. The amphitheater has been the destination of several mountain bike outings. In those days, I was a strong rider and little did I know that scrambling would become my favorite pastime. One day a gang of nine people decided to attempt the summit. Our posse, made up mostly of newly arrived easterners, was to this day the biggest posse I've ever been trekking with! Very green in the mountains and not very informed about the route, we failed to reach the summit. My roommate and good friend Pascale and I decided to return to possibly ascend our very first mountain in the Canadian Rockies. It was a fine day and past familiar ground we proceeded to the real summit. I even remember boiling water for tea on the way; haven't done that in a while... What a view up there, I was elated, I was hooked! We descended to the amphitheater quite impressed with the whole experience. Back on the bikes, the return in town was faster and quite easier. I'm afraid you just can't do this nowadays!
on the ridge

Nice view of the Bow Valley.

true summit ahead

We followed the trail to the false summit.

from the false summit

A close look at Cascade's final plod.

trying it again

After stashing our bikes we prepare for another try.

above the amphitheatre

Tea time and typical MSR flare up.

looking towards norquay

Looking towards Norquay ski area.

go girls

Camera set on the trail for a picture.

awesome view

The true summit is within reach.


We did it! First scramble, yeahhhhhhhh!

looking straight down

Whoa, don't want to get too close.

lake minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka and Inglismaldie, right of center.

nice job

Incredible feeling; I'm looking forward to the next outing.
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