Carnarvon, Mount

elevation: 3,040 m. height gain: 1,735 m.
area: Field,BC map 82 N/7

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
at the lake

Hamilton Lake mirrors the mountainside.
Scramble: Awesome, awesome, awesome! A great lead for me with some friends, Pascale and Matt. We quickly made it to the lake where Pascale set-up a tarp to wait out the scramble. It turns out, after a good break, she decided to tag along and give it a shot. We ascended the hillside to the ridge in about an hour, which was the easy part. As we neared the summit block, moderate scrambling impeded Pascale's progress. She waited for us at a cairn indicating an easier route that traverses climber's left towards a gully. We scrambled up a rib with great holds to the top of the gully and shortly to the false summit. That section was near the limit of my comfort zone, I would not have done it alone... From there the true summit is easier and quicker to reach than it appears. The view is phenomenal; I wish we could have stayed longer. Going back down wasn't too bad, there is a lot of cairns and I really made an effort to memorize the route on the way up. We backtracked the exact same way and soon joined Pascale. She was glad to see us, a little bit apprehensive about the situation. The descent to the lake was fast. We stayed there for a while and had a long picnic; we gradually made our way down to the parking lot.
ascending the hillside

Looking north-east towards The Presidents.

hamilton lake

Ascending the hillside to the south ridge.

blocky ridge

Near the summit block on the ridge.

pascale, still smiling

Pascale and Matt along the ridge.

at the top

Self-timed picture at the summit cairn.

summit view

The Presidents.

more view

Southern view.
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