Cameron, Mount (Decalibron Circuit)

elevation: 4,340 m.  height gain: 260 m. (from the Democrat-Cameron Col)
area: Alma,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Alma, CO

democrat-cameron col

Back down at the Democrat-Cameron Col with Cameron ahead.
THE CLIMB  -Traverse  class 2

Hike: RT 7.0 (includes Mounts Democrat, Lincoln and Bross); 1.75 up from Democrat. After ascending Mount Democrat and witnessing an awesome sunrise, I set my eyes on the next objective; Mount Cameron is the second summit of the Decalibron 4-peak circuit. Despite being an unranked 14er due to lack of prominence, most hikers welcome it as a unique summit as it is labeled on the topographic map and is included on the new list of 59  14ers! From the Democrat-Cameron Col, the height gain is minimal and the grade of the ascent on the good trail is pleasant. I stopped from time to time to look back on the lower access slopes; it seemed like more people were coming up now, it reminded me of a pilgrimage. The traverse on the north side of the mountain was snowy but luckily no postholing ensued. Honestly, I think the snow added charm to this ascent, it felt more like a climb than a mere walk in the park. In very little time, I set foot on the broad gentle ridge and located what was the top. I was thrilled to be ahead of the hoards of people, I enjoyed the solitude and tranquility. I looked ahead at my third objective of the day, Mount Lincoln. That mountain appealed to me the most, maybe because one of my dogs' name is Lincoln! I didn't linger on the barren summit, I took some pictures and soon got on my way towards beautiful Mount Lincoln.

looking back at democrat

Looking at Mount Democrat that I just visited.

hoards of people

Hoards of people are on their way up from Kite Lake.

gradual climb

Pleasant gradual climb up Mount Cameron.

upper slopes of cameron

Mount Democrat from the upper slopes of Mount Cameron.

snow adds charm

The snow adds charm to this ascent.

as straightforward as it gets

As straightforward as it gets!

labeled piece of wood

Another labeled piece of wood indicates the top on this broad summit.

mount bross

Mount Bross to the south-east.

mount lincoln

Mount Lincoln to the north-east.

lincoln is the third objective

Mount Lincoln is the third objective on this 4-peak circuit.

old roads on bross

Old roads are visible on Mount Bross.

view of the sawatch range

The view across the valley towards The Sawatch Range.

view north

View north over North Star Mountain.

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