Caldron Peak GR:314297

elevation: 2,911 m. height gain: 600 m. (from Caldron Lake)
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/10

Ref: Vern Dewit's Explor8ion

Caldron Peak from Mistaya Mountain.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (including Mistaya Mountain); 1.0 from the saddle, bottom of Caldron's southern west ridge. This ascent is not as pleasant as Mistaya Mountain's snow gully. The initial traverse in blocky terrain to the westerly slopes followed by loose rubble makes one look for firm ground. Once at the top, it clearly becomes a worthwhile outing, which offers awesome views. The fact that this was the second summit today also added a sense of accomplishment! Now we must return to the car in good time to go pick-up our hounds boarded at the kennel for the first time!

Heading towards the saddle.

the ascent

A simple plod to the summit.

along the way

Mistaya Mountain and the snow gully ascent.

summit ridge

On the summit ridge.

a gap in the ridge

Peyto Lake below the sheer east side.

cairn ahead

Summit cairn ahead.

awesome view

Caldron Lake, Peyto Peak and Mount Baker (right).


Mount Patterson situated north-west.

peyto lake

Peyto Lake and the gravel flats.

heading down

Time to head down.

peyto peak

Lovely landscape.

mount thompson

Mount Thompson and more lovely landscape.

above the headwall

The approach from above the headwall.

traverse above headwall

Looking back at the trail above the headwall.


Well-worn trail on the moraine.

log crossing

Logs bridging a raging, milky torrent.
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