Burstall, Mount

elevation: 2,760 m.
height gain: 900 m.
area: Smith Dorrien/Spray Area,AB
map 82 J/14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
parking lot

Meeting Alison at the trailhead.
Scramble. This is a short outing that typically grants fine views. We happen to go when the air was smothered by thick smoke due to ravaging forest fires. The views were practically rendered none-existent but that didn't stop us from enjoying this fun scramble. The approach was pleasant and we reached the saddle in good time. After taking a nice break, we started up the ascent ridge. The real scrambling only begins when the route drops off the ridgeline on the west aspect before reaching the crack in the slab. The crack grants good holds and did not pose a problem. The exposure isn't overly notable although a couple of sections are exciting. As far as route finding goes, the route is obvious and well worn in places. In very little time we stood on the summit and sat to savour some delicious sushi. Even though the mountains were mostly obscured, the opaque sky with its orange hue offered its own little cachet. All and all, this outing is short and sweet!

very smoky

Very smoky from numerous forest fires.

good trail

Approaching the mountain on a good trail.

nearing the saddle

Almost at the saddle.

ascent ridge

The ascent ridge as seen from the saddle.

taking a break

Taking a break.

off we go

Off we go!


We can barely see Commonwealth Peak behind Fabrice.

gaining the ridgeline

Upon reaching the ridgeline ahead, we'll drop on the opposite aspect for more serious scrambling.

looking back

Looking back.

not that far to go

A short distance and good scrambling seperates us from the top.

following fabrice

Alison carefully follows Fabrice.

on a ramp

The ramp leads to the infamous crack in the slab.

crack in the slab

Here it is! It's not that bad.

interesting scrambling

More interesting scrambling.

final bit

Final bit before the summit.

at the top

At the top.

smoky sky

Cegnfs and Mount Murray are obscured by smoke.

summit sushi

Summit sushi, yum yum.

heading back

Leaving the top.

scrambling mode

Back in scrambling mode.

tackling the ridge

A fine picture of Fab and Alison tackling the ridge crest.


Backtracking to the crack.


Route finding is straightforward.

top of the crack

The exposure isn't overly heady.

the ramp

This is the ramp to the ridgeline from the bottom of the crack.

up and over

Up and over!

fast ticket down

Woohoo, that's a fast ticket down...

saddle ahead

Almost back at the saddle.

awesome scree run

Awesome scree run.

trail below

Pleasant hike back to the trail.
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