Bryant, Mount

elevation: 2,647 m. height gain: 903 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14-15

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.

The objective is attained by circling around to the back side.
Scramble: RT 10.0; 5.5 up. How to make a long trip longer! First, go when there's lots of snow. Second, make sure there's no overnight freeze and a tropical high. Third, never mind bringing snowshoes. Collectively, these factors translate into huge effort. To reach the objective, determination and perseverance were necessary. The way is straightforward, following the creek bed to the ascent ridge. Beyond the flats and the first drainage, we hiked on dry patches as much as possible, then firm snow. We saw the big cairns indicating the summer trail but we continued along the creek bed. The last kilometer and a half to the tarn was tough. We wondered if we would even make it. Uncertain but in good spirits, we proceeded. I sank ankle deep while Fab often punched down to mid thigh. We paced ourselves, not taking many breaks on the way in. The snow was going to soften up quickly so we were focused on the prize! We were glad to see the barren ascent ridge! Once on rock, the remaining ascent was nice. I was in disbelief that we would be granted this one after all. We stayed at the top for a while then headed down. Backtracking in our footsteps required graceful stepping to stay on top. We were pleased with how little effort it took to return as we both expected much post-holing. We even saw the slushy water push forward onto the snow in the creek bed. What a rush, amazing!!! 
at the start

Travelling on the gravel flats.


We head in the drainage and follow the creek bed.

firm snow

The drainage narrows for a short section.

not frozen solid

Further along the creek bed.

forks in the drainage

There is still lots of snow at the first junction.

nice drainage

Looking back at the upper drainage.

there is hope

The ascent ridge is in sight, yeah!

rock ahead

We forego the tarn and aim straight for the ridge.

ascent ridge

We're finally on firm ground.


The tarn is still under snow so we can't see its deep blue colour.

almost there

Final stretch.

lots of snow

A look at the approach.

at the top

The East Peak behind the summit cairn.

few clouds and warm temp

Western view.

southern view

Southern view.

neat and powerful

Water flowing where there was none this morning.

very exciting moment

The slushy water pushes its way atop the snow.
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