Bryan, Mount

elevation: 2,484 m. height gain: 930 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 J/5-12

From highway 93/95 south of Invermere, head east on Windermere Loop Road. Follow for about 3 kilometers and turn left onto the Westroc Mine Road. At 772941, continue on Westroc, keeping right. Find a service road on the north side, just before the active gypsum mine, 803931. This service road climbs the south-west flank of Mount Bryan. We followed the road for 5 kilometers to the ascent drainage, 813937 and parked on the side of the road. There are water bars, a high clearance vehicle is recommended. Hike up the lightly timbered terrain in the drainage. Higher up, several options exists. I followed a sparsely treed rib climber's left of the drainage. Once on the summit ridge, the top is a short distance away.
what are we doing again?

We parked after veering off the Westroc Mine Road.

at the start

Starting up the access drainage.
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.0; 3.25 up. This was a nice outing for this time of the year. A good access and a short, easy scramble seemed perfect for this gray, fall weekend. Fab agreed to come along and try it despite suffering from flu symptoms. Unsure of the amount of snow at 1,500 meters, we brought the quad for the last section of access. The hiking in the drainage was pleasant. About halfway up, Fab told me to go ahead; blocked sinuses and general lack of energy prevented him from enjoying himself, even just a little. I continued as quick as I could, thinking "it's not going to take that long". The thinning treeline did not offer much protection from the wind and it seemed to never end. Past the last trees, I got a glimpse of the obscured, rounded mound of rocks: the summit. Dotted by a small cairn, I was still compelled to take a GPS reading because of the lack of visibility. At the same time, I took some pictures and quickly froze my hands. No sense hanging around! I raced back down to the trees. In the meantime, Fab strolled around for a view. We soon met up again, thanks for the support Honey.
further along

Travelling near the forest's edge.

not that much snow

Open terrain and shallow snowpack.

treed rib

Straightforward even with little visibility.

higher up

Rimed trees higher up.

summit ridge

Barely visible, the summit is beyond the trees.


The small cairn is almost buried.

no visibility

Gray beyond the mound.

my hands are still tingly

Sunrays momentarily filter through as I look back. The top is behind the bigger trees.

gypsum mine

The backside of Four Points Mountain, heavily scarred by the active gypsum mine.

typical terrain


Fab's hang out

Fab climbed above the bluffs for a view.
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