Bross, Mount (Decalibron Circuit)

elevation: 4,321 m.
height gain: 100 m. (from the Cameron-Bross Col)
area: Alma,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Alma, CO

heading to bross

After visiting Democrat, Cameron and Lincoln, I head towards Mount Bross, the fourth and final objective.
Ascent:  -North-west ridge  class 1
Descent:  -West slopes  class 2

Hike: RT 7.0 (includes Mounts Democrat, Cameron and Lincoln); 45 minutes up from Lincoln. Mount Bross is the final ascent of the 4-peak circuit. It is also the easiest summit to attain but to do so requires trespassing on private property.... Justifying trespassing to gain this final summit was easy; who was gonna come to tell me I wasn't suppose to be up there... besides, I hadn't driven all the way from Canada to be denied the last 14er of this fabulous 4-peak traverse! I was at peace with my decision to go rogue. The downhill traverse towards Mount Bross is as casual as it gets. I enjoyed the sun, the hike, the scenery and the fact that I would finish the day with 4 additional 14ers under my belt. The gradual climb that followed was enjoyable, the snow was still firm and provided a consistent base. Once atop the very broad summit, I proceeded to take some pictures before sitting down for an extended break. I decided to hang out to enjoy the feat and wait for the two young men I had met earlier; I didn't feel an urgency to start my descent, the weather appeared stable at the time. I pondered upon my time alone on these summits and my trip to Colorado, I thought about the human potential and resilience of the spirit. Lost in deep thoughts, happy and sad, I felt a sense of cleansing. My meditation was interrupted by the voices of the two hikers, they had also completed the circuit and were quite thrilled to join me a the top. We exchanged greetings, high-fives and brief conversations. Soon thereafter, I picked up my stuff and started heading down the west slopes towards Kite Lake. The descent was fast and the rise in temperature was very noticeable; after shedding layers, I resumed my return to the trailhead without stopping. The parking lot had filled up drastically for a mid-week day. I called Tim, my emergency contact, to let him know I was safely back down and make him aware of my plans for tomorrow. I slowly got ready to leave for Buena Vista, where I would drive up towards Cotton Pass and find the trailhead for tomorrow's climb up Mount Yale. These objectives had been planned in order to execute a loop bringing me closer to Leadville for the weekend. I was excited, Buena Vista was my last stop before driving to Pb-ville and seeing my friend Tim!

looking back

Looking back at Mount Lincoln.

closure ahead

A sign informs of the private property closure ahead.

a trail bypasses the summit

The trail bypasses the summit on the right to comply with the "no trespassing" issue.

i carry on to the top

Gone rogue, I carry on to the summit.

cameron and lincoln

Last glimpse towards Mounts Cameron and Lincoln.

fourth 14er today

Celebrating four 14ers in a day.

view south-west

View south-west towards Mount Sherman.

mount democrat

Mount Democrat, the access trail from Kite Lake is discernable.

mount lincoln and quandary peak

Mount Lincoln and my first 14er, Quandary Peak on the right.

official piece of wood

Very official piece of wood!

heading down

Heading down and meeting with the bypass trail.

looking back at the bypass

Looking back at the bypass trail and Mount Bross.

kite lake looks like a kite

The shape of Kite Lake looks just like a kite!

crossing the gully

Descending from the rib to cross the west facing gully.

a couple of 13ers

Unranked 13er Loveland Mountain (left of center) and Mount Buckskin which is a ranked 13er to the right.

good trail through talus

I welcome the good trail through the talus slope, the trailhead is clearly visible below.

last glimpse at bross

Last glimpse towards Mount Bross.
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