Brewer, Mount

elevation: 2,810 m.
height gain: 860 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 K/8

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
at the start

Start of the trek.
Scramble: Very enjoyable trip with the doggy. Fab and I decided to bivy near the base of Brewer following the scramble, good weather was forcasted for several days. We left Golden fairly early in order to avoid hiking in the afternoon heat. The trail brought us to the beautiful upper basin with larch trees and little ponds. Winston was in heaven, fetching sticks in the water. We dumped the gear we didn't need and continued up towards the summit. It was quite easy, a good choice to get Winston used to this kind of activity. By the time we got back down to our stuff, hikers were starting to filter through on the trail. We enjoyed this afternoon, lazing in the sun with a satisfied pooch. We stayed close to a pond and even took a nap!
open area

Large open area, notice Winston's ears flapping in the air.


Larch meadow with Brewer in sight.

along the way

Surrounded by beautiful grassy slopes.

closer look

A closer look at Brewer at the start of the ascent.

summit ahead

The summit ridge.

almost there

Near the top.

at the top

At the top with our buddy Winston.

coming down

Very straightforward and easy for the doggy.

our bivy

Relaxing in the sun.
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