Bradford, Mount

elevation: 2,427 m. height gain: 450 m.
area: Skookumchuck,BC map 82 F/16-G/13-J/4 (approach)

On the west side of highway 93/95, just north of Canal Flats, follow Findlay Creek road. Turn left, heading south, at the Skookumchuck FSR intersection (just past the 8 km marker on the road). The drive on the main service road is long as it runs along and around the south end of Mount Allen. After a switchback, 806395, the road heads south again and drops down to valley floor. Continue on the main until you reach an intersection, 773362. Turn left and cross Skookumchuck Creek over the old bridge; the following section is not indicated on the topo map. The road skirting the south side of the creek is overgrown with alder but the road surface is good. At a switchback, 742355, the road now heads east towards Bradford Creek. As it climbs up the drainage, the alder subsides. Continue on the grassy road to a subtle left branch, 725285. Drive down and across Bradford Creek to the west flank of Mount McMillan. This road leads to a landing near treeline, 714267. Park here. This approach requires a high clearance vehicle. Hike further up the draw to a pond. We went up to a saddle, 710259, and contoured (while dropping a little) the south side of the ridge to easier terrain. The south-east slopes of Bradford are easily ascended to the top. We came down the north ridge a short distance, 701262, and aimed for the pond at the start of the loop.
aim for the good planks

Crossing Skookumchuck Creek, use at your own risk!


Mount Bradford from the access road.
Scramble: RT 5.0; 2.25 up. It had been a while since our last camping trip with the dogs, they were overdue. We planned this outing from Google Earth. The forestry road is long with several intersections. Although the main is obvious, we were happy to have all our navigational tools, including access to Google (in cache) on the laptop. After crossing Skook Creek on a bridge with holes in the planks, tension built-up as the road narrowed, engulfed by alder. We continued slowly, moving the occasional deadfall but not having to use the handsaw. As we drove higher up the drainage, the alder disappeared; the road is neat, not rutted and grassy. Luckily, the road surface is good most of the way and all the bridges are present! The dogs were ecstatic to be out of the truck. Fab put their booties on and off we went. The hiking was pleasant along water and snow, through scarce pine and larch. We decided on a loop, which turned out really nice with the dogs. We had a good time at the top, despite some wind. The dogs took a well-deserved nap while we simply enjoyed the moment. We stopped at the pond on the way down for another break; we were in no hurry today. After some fetching with Rupert, we headed back to the truck. We were very stunned to see a motorcycle at the landing. A couple from Canal Flats showed up soon thereafter. We found out they also came here inspired by Google Earth. They had climbed Bradford and done the same loop! What are the odds of that? Astonishing !!! After they left, we drove down to our camping spot. Tomorrow we will attempt to go up the official treed summit of Mount McMillan before heading back to Golden. At camp, we relaxed with our tired dogs. This was a very good day indeed.

Rupert near a small waterfall.

at the edge of the trees

Pleasant hiking into the draw.

the pond

At the pond, we aimed for the saddle left of center.

climb to the saddle

The saddle ahead.

looking back

Looking at the pond below.

from the saddle

The view into the next bowl.

very enjoyable

Ascending the south-east slopes.

nearing the top

Almost on the summit ridge.


Coming out of the trees.

summit ridge

The south-west ridge.

unnamed peak

View south to an unnamed peak of the same elevation.

summit ahead

Last bit!

at the top

Leashes on, the hounds take a nap.

leaving the top

After a good break, we head down the north ridge.

north ridge

We'll step down onto a rib just ahead.

down the cornice

Small drop-off on the rib.

last glimspe

Looking back at the top.

easy going

A fun and easy way back to the pond.

a moment with the dogs

Fab and Lincoln pose, Daisy stalks, Rupert waits for the next fetch!

enjoying the day

Another break on a big boulder.

typical bc camping

Relaxing after a great day with our furry friends. Tomorrow we'll go up McMillan before leaving.

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