Brachiopod Mountain

elevation: 2,650 m. height gain: 225 m.
area: Skoki Area,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Brachiopod Mountain from the campground.
Scramble: Small peak described as an easy scramble. The very top proved to be challenging for me. I stowed my poles in order to use both hands up two slabby sections. I'm not a climber, that's exhilarating! Within a short time I was standing on the summit and I could see Fab and the doggies below. The view is awesome, I really love this region. After a short while I headed down to hang out with the company. Near the end of the quick descent, Winston and Mickey met up with me for a second time today, all happy to see me with super tail wag action. Fab and I ate naturalized chives on the lower trail around Baker Lake; we wonder how they got there! Pictures are taken from Fab's video footage.
towards brachiopod

Heading for Brachiopod from Anthozoan; Fossil in front of us.

brachiopod ascent slopes

Fab set up next to a small creek and watched me.

summit block

The summit block.

where do i go

Looking for the easiest way up, climber's left.

top of brachio

Yeah, top of Brachiopod.

coming down

Heading back down.

winston spots me

Winston hears me coming down.

second dog greeting

Dog greeting for the second time today.
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