Bow Peak

elevation: 2,868 m height gain: 1,000 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies II

approach with bow

On the approach, Bow Peak in the background right of center.
Ski mountaineering: RT 10.0. Good snow conditions, the weather was clear but cold. The approach was long. When we reached the saddle (base of Bow's west slope), we were challenged with blocky terrain and snow. I thought the final slope would be quick and easy but post-holing slowed us down and was certainly frustrating. The ascent to the summit surprised and bagged us both!
approach with crowfoot

We ascended the treed slope to the bench, left of center.

crowfoot glacier

Crowfoot Glacier.

final slope

Heading up to the summit ridge.

summit ridge

Looking back at the summit ridge.

view at the top

Cirque Peak.


Mount Hector in the background.

at the top

Jo at the summit, feeling bagged!

view back down

Looking north towards our car from the saddle.
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