Boundary Peak GR:867829

elevation: 2,850 m. height gain: 800 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 83 C/3

Ref: So's Digital Diary
climber's parking lot

We followed a group to the climber's parking lot.
Scramble: RT 6.0; 2.75 up. Another fantastic outing on the Icefields Parkway. Fab and I were yearning for sunny conditions to warm up our bones after some wet, cool weather. The Columbia Icefield area delivered the sun and withheld the wind. We also liked that the objective was short, easy and mostly free of snow. It allowed us to stroll along taking in the phenomenal sights. Many teams on the glacier offered distraction as they practiced crevasse rescue. A team also went up Athabasca. We watched them come down linking nice turns! The hiking on Boundary's ascent ridge is very pleasant; it is a perfect place for goats to roam with their cute little kids. The summit block offers several lines of ascent, we used the snow avoiding loose rubble. In little time, we stood on the summit. A gnome greeted us, he sits there looking over the glacier. We stayed at the top for over an hour, the absence of wind was truly appreciated. On the way down, we took advantage of the snow slope for a quick glissade! The top is fairly steep, I had to self arrest; at that instant, I heard and felt a pop in my left knee. Bummer, I knew what that meant... I resumed the glissade on my right side, keeping my left leg up. Back on my feet, I evaluated the situation. My knee wasn't that painful and felt stable, we continued in good spirits. Back at the climber's parking lot, we waited shortly for a bus to come down and followed it.
ascent ridge

Across the bridge, we find a trail on Boundary's north-west ridge.

very pleasant

The hiking is very pleasant.


The popular Skyladder route on Mount Andromeda.

stopping often

We stop often to enjoy the fabulous sights.

grassy ridge

The grassy ridge.

looking back

Looking back, Mount Wilcox is almost free of snow.

further along

Further along the ridge.


Mount Athabasca hosts several climbing parties today.

objective ahead

Boundary Peak (left) is dwarfed next to Athabasca.


Goats with their adorable kids.

getting close

The objective is getting close.

summit block

Going straight up the summit block.

last stretch

Last stretch.

looking down

Looking back from the summit ridge.

resident gnome

A gnome greets us at the top.

at the top

Heeeee-haaaaah !

fab and i

Self-timed summit picture with Mount Athabasca.

columbia icefield

The top of Mount Columbia is visible behind Mount Snowdome.

fab and the gnome

Fab enjoying the view along with the gnome.

eastern view

Eastern view with the highway below.

hilda peak

Impressive Hilda Peak.

good glissade

Good glissade! The third line was made by a rock.

heading down

On our way down, we pick up the snowshoes that we left behind.
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