Black Rock Mountain

elevation: 2,462 m. height gain: 920 m.
area: Ghost River,AB map 82 O/6

Ref: -Canada's Mountains
       -Ghost Forest Use Zone map
         (downloading: 10 min.) 


South end of Richards road turns into Devil's Head Ranch. We came from the dirt road.
Scramble: RT 3.5. Coming out this way is a treat; it is very scenic. The forecast is definitely warmer and drier than Golden and we're up for another camping trip with the hounds before winter has a tight grip on the mountains. Getting to the trailhead was not as obvious as the trail leading to the summit! From highway 1, we exited in Morley and followed secondary roads through the Stoney Indian Reserve instead of the Forestry Trunk road (hwy 40). The circuit of gravel roads is indicated on the Ghost Forest Use Zone map. After driving on a poorly maintained shortcut, we ended on Richards road at the Devil's Head Ranch. We passed the highway 40 junction and soon thereafter we drove by the gate onto TransAlta road. We continued down to the creek bed, beyond the "use at your own risk" sign. The drive on the creek bed is nice and unusual, we parked at the end of the 37 trail marker; the trailhead could be seen across the dry creek bed. I left for the summit at noon. The trail is great and offers fast travelling. After treeline the scenery unfolds and stunning rock formations reveal themselves. The gully ascent is easy but definitely not boring. Soon after that, the objective comes into view. I enjoyed the hike to the summit, it wasn't too windy and actually quite mild. The view is amazing; something about the front ranges. 
transalta road

Start of TransAlta road and Daisy running towards me.


Trailhead sign across the creek bed.

official trailhead

Official trailhead.

out of the trees

Out of the trees, the trail traverses climber's left.

towards rock formations

Beautiful scenery unfolds.

looking back

Looking towards Ghost River.

rock formation

Great rock formations.

popular picture

Pinnacle near the easy ascent gully.

follow the trail

The obvious trail veers away from the gully and back again through interesting rock.

rock pillars

In the gully.

up the gully

Top of the gully.

on the flats

Final stretch to the lookout.

narrow bit

Narrow section before the summit.

looking back from the top

Nice broad ascent ridge with an awesome view.

devil's head

Devil's Head and Mount Aylmer in the background.

blackrock lookout

Black Rock Mountain lookout.

back to my pooches

Great to come back down and camp with our happy hounds.
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