Berland, Mount

elevation: 2,362 m. height gain: 1,272 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9

Park at a small paved turn-off, north side of highway 93 about 300 m. west of a maintenance yard, 695103. Ascend the treed rib, climber's right of the drainage to 689113. The rib then heads in a westerly direction to meet the south end of the summit ridge, 682114. Follow the broken ridge to its north end and summit.
at the start

Parked at a small paved turn-off.
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.0; 4.5 up. This small mountain sure packs a punch! From the car, the ascent starts right away. I followed the dry treed rib that easily leads to the south end of the ridge; within less than two hours, most of the height gain is acquired. However, travelling on the broken ridge is more challenging and requires caution. There are several dips along the way and up-lifted strata results in having to circumvent in some places. The plod from the south end of the ridge to the summit, dotted with a small cairn, took 2.5 hours. I enjoyed the top briefly, knowing it would take a while to return the same way. After snapping several pictures, I proceeded back down and finally stopped for a break about midway on the ridge. The remaining plod was not too bad; sometimes I punched through the snow. I wasn't surprised to see it took the same time to retrace my steps, plus the break. I stowed my snowshoes and started back down the treed rib. The descent is very quick, I was careful not to stray into the drainage (climber's left). Within 45 minutes, I was back at the car!
light timber

Light timbered rib; lots of Rocky Mountain Juniper.

summit ridge

The summit is at the far north end of the ridge.

along the way

The ridge is broken, interrupted by several dips and up-lifted strata.

the wetlands

A view of the Columbia Valley, looking north-west.

are we there yet

Getting closer but wondering if I will make it!

more ridge

I circumvented the knob seen above atop snow slopes, hugging the rock wall on the east side.


Very nice view south-west, towards Radium.

eastern view

Mount Kindersley North in the far background.

looking back

The maintenance yard is visible on the left margin.

awesome view

South-east view and Mount Sinclair, left of center.

after traversing on snow slopes

My tracks are noticeable, climbing from the east side.

regaining the ridge

Once on the ridge, I put my snowshoes back on.

looking back

Looking back at the ridge from the top of the knob.

very last bit

The pointy summit is minutes away.

heading back

The ridge is exciting at times.

lets stay on top...

Some dips are precipitous.

narrow section

Some sections offered faster travel but required caution.

nearing the ascent rib

The south end of the ridge ahead and Redstreak Mountain.

down the rib

45 minutes and I was back at the car.
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