Beatrice Peak GR:681681

elevation: 3,125 m. height gain: 840 m. (from bivy)
area: Kootenay Park,BC map 82 N/1

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
heading out

We head towards the Beatrice/Ball cirque.
Scramble: RT 4.5; 2.25 up (from bivy). When Fab and I visited the area in 2000 to ascend Mount Ball, we didn't give Beatrice a second glance. Through the years, I realized we should have included it; the effort is so minimal. Back then, we were also unaware a moderate scramble up Stanley Peak existed. With that in mind, I now had a good reason to come back up Haffner Creek to redeem myself. We planned to scramble up Beatrice on the second day before heading out. We started hiking by 7 AM. Fab had a heel spur to pamper so he sprawled out on the rock below and watched. The ascent on the hard snow was pleasant and led to the ascent gully rapidly. Water was flowing a little; I promptly got across the wet ledge and carefully started climbing the following steep section. Thereafter, the blocky terrain easily leads to the summit. I only stayed long enough to take pictures and eat a cookie. I was happy to have settled the score! I followed the west ridge to the alternate descent. From the saddle, the gully is obvious. The remaining snow was rock hard, I was glad to have my crampons to continue down the steep snow. Lower down, I noticed how much more water was flowing from the ascent gully; I remember getting drenched coming down from Mount Ball (2000). The descent was quick, I sat down with Fab and ate breakfast enjoying this scenic area. The glacier-carved rock is very neat, walking on it is delightful. We meandered back to our gear and packed up. The return to the car would be long and hot... We ventured down Haffner Creek in good humor, taking a couple of breaks along the way. It took us the same time to return, 5 hours...
lounging area

A neat lounging area.

sitting man

The "sitting man" we spotted 11 years ago, still sitting.


Beatrice Peak.

ascent gully

Nearing the ascent gully.

wet ledge

Up and across the ledge quickly but still got wet.

steep for a bit

Looking down from above the ledge, quite steep.

typical terrain

Typical terrain along the way.

easy going

No obstacles, just a plod up.

mount ball

At the top with Mount Ball in my face! Finally, I redeemed myself.

summit cairn and stanley

The summit cairn and Stanley Peak in the background.

storm mountain

Storm Mountain to the north-east.

valley of the ten peaks

The "Ten Peaks" in the distance.

down the west ridge

Heading down the west ridge towards the alternate descent.

to the saddle

Aiming for the saddle below.

continuous gully

The way down stands out.

snow is rock hard

Nice continuous gully. Unfortunately for me, the snow is rock hard.

looking up

A look up about midway.

gushing water from access gully

By now, the waterfall in the access gully is flowing quite hard.

lower slope

A short distance from the glacier-carved rock.

karst pavement

Walking on the karst pavement is very special, reminds us of Castle Mountain.

prayer flag

Fab stretches out the prayer flag, indeed this is a magical place.

good water source

Water coming out of the ground and disappearing shortly after.

ready to face haffner

All packed up and ready to head down Haffner Creek.
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