Banded Peak (Glasgow-to-Banded Traverse)

elevation: 2,934 m. height gain: 315 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Banded Peak.
Scramble: RT 16.0 marathon (including Glasgow, Cornwall and Outlaw), 9.0 to the top of Banded. Very easy, but by the time you get to the summit, you're pretty spent! The feeling I got at the end of the traverse was awesome. Wow, we traveled all this way! Look at it! I really did not mind the fact we still had 13 km to go to get back to the campground, I rode the high of the accomplishment all the way back. We ran out of water at the base of the peak, Winston dug in the shale and made a puddle; smart. After a well deserved break, we drank our last Redbull and continued our way down on a very nice trail and quickly arrived at the creek. Amazingly the weather held for the whole trip. At the top I remember saying "well, it can start raining now, we're on our way home". We watched thick, dark thunder clouds bordering us on the descent but we never got wet! It was getting dark at the camp when we arrived at 10:30 pm. We opened two cans of stew, ate and passed out. It looks like Winston enjoyed this long hike, he found water, rolled in snow and ate more kibbles than ever; he still had tail wag on the trail back.
final stretch

Fab coming up the final meters of the fourth summit.

summit cairn

Summit cairn of Banded, looking at Glasgow.


Outlaw looks similar from both aspects.

looking back

Cornwall in the distance.

outlaw again

The wonderful col between Outlaw and Banded.

the descent

The descent from the col.

coming down

Straight ahead to the main trail and water.
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