Baldy Mountain

elevation: 2,290 m.
height gain: 550 m.
area: Clearwater,BC
map 92 P/8

Ref: Kamloops Trails

access road

Look for this sign near the start of the access road.
Hike: RT 3.0; 1.0 up. There are several Baldy Mountains in Western Canada; this one grants a documented hike. When Milan suggested it, I was intrigued. The alpine peak boasts great views of Dunn Peak that looms to the south-east; some trip reports access the latter from this modest summit. We were curious about the traverse to Dunn; visiting Baldy Mountain was an opportunity to survey the terrain for a possible future backpacking trip that way. The access service road climbs the mountainside a great distance to the trailhead rendering this objective an easy hike. Furthermore, the road continues to the top, where a lookout dots the summit. It was a great candidate for a quick jaunt in the mountains with the kids. After driving along Dunn Lake, we located the turn-off up the long access road; the last section to the top of the cutblock is rough and steep. The short hike was nice, especially when we reached sub-alpine terrain. The weather was less than ideal, unfortunately. It lightly rained on and off, and the cloud ceiling was quite low. Greatly reduced visibility gave way to eerie scenery. As we gained height, the wind picked up, which wasn't pleasant as we were damp from the rain. A fast pace ensued for the last stretch to the lookout. Once at the lookout, Milan scrounged around for wood to start a fire. We huddled around the woodstove to warm up and dry out; although it was a bit smoky, we weren't keen on venturing outside in the howling wind. Well into the clouds, we didn't get any views. Returning was fast as we forged ahead to treeline for shelter from the wind. Overall, it was a great experience despite the weather and lack of views at the top. Hiking in adverse conditions is character-building; I cherished our stay at the lookout during the storm, it was special.

good road

The road is good most of the way.

dunn lake

Looking across the north end of Dunn Lake.


Parked at a switchback at the top of the cutblock.

vast cutblock

The access road goes through this vast cutblock.

start of the hike

Start of the hike following the decommissioned service road.

walking into the clouds

Walking into the clouds.

snow lingers

Snow is lingering in the sub-alpine.

stunned deer

A stunned deer stands still in this eerie scenery.

race to the lookout

The wind has picked up, it's a race to the lookout.

dilapidated lookout

Glad to see the dilapidated lookout.

drying by the woodstove

We're drying out next to the woodstove while Milan makes a tinfoil tuque.

hasty retreat

Hasty retreat from the lookout.

finding goggles

Fully equipped for these conditions.

running for shelter

Running for shelter in the trees.

sub-alpine terrain

Lovely sub-alpine terrain.

quick pause

Regrouping for a quick pause.

speedy descent

Resuming our speedy descent.

wet conditions

Very wet conditions.

back at the truck

Happy to be back at the truck!


Visiting a bunkhouse of the Windpass Mine 1916-1939.
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