An Kath pa (Bald Eagle Peak) GR:174668

elevation: 2,514 m. height gain: 1,200 m.
area: Canmore,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies tightening the boots
An adjustment as we leave.
Scramble: RT: 8.0; 3.75 up. With the sunny and warm weather persisting, it is hard to stay home and start firewood harvesting for the winter! Oh well... I figured this was a good time for a challenging scramble, before the arrival of snow. We didn't drive in Harvie Heights, instead we parked along the service road next to the sewage treatment plant. We made our way up using a combination of trails and a bit of bushwacking. Although the approach is short, several trails transect the lower mountain's light timber, good navigational sense is helpful. After crossing the well-travelled Montane Trail (higher up), we continued with our bearing and quickly found a good trail ascending the forest all the way to the ascent ridge. From there, the trail continues, sometimes interrupted by slabs. Nearing the summit block, we avoided some difficult slabs by going climber's right then regaining the saddle ahead of the slab ramp. The grippy rock grants good footing and the scrambling sections are good fun. I must admit that the slab ramp leading to the backside of the summit block made me feel uneasy, I made good use of the wall and its positive holds. Beyond the ramp, a trail leads to the cramped summit. The view over Canmore and the Bow Valley is great; we enjoyed a warm, almost windless stay at the top then returned mostly the same way. Instead of using the ascent trail to the ridge, we kept going down another trail along the drainage. Eventually we reached the creek bed and followed it down. At 144655, we crossed a biking trail but kept going down alongside the creek, still on a trail. We reached a sign and followed the Tidbits Quarry Trail until we got to the Ridge Traverse Trail. We walked back to our car on the trails we used in the morning. Another fine day in the Rocky Mountains! on a good trail
On a good trail for most part.
ascent ridge
On the ascent ridge.
typical terrain
Typical terrain along the way.
A short downclimb to negotiate.
regaining the ridge
Regaining the ridge after skirting around a slab section.
up a slab section
We went up this slab climber's left.
skirting some difficult slabs
We avoided the final part of the ridge by going climber's right.
summit block ahead
Almost at the summit block.
slab ramp
The trail leads to the obvious slab ramp.
going up the ramp
Going up the grippy slab.
i follow
I carefully follow.
trail to the summit ridge
The trail switchbacks before the summit ridge.
at the top
Right on, right on!
short narrow ridge
Fab on the very short but narrow summit ridge.
leaving the top
Leaving the top.
sprawled out
At the saddle, we sprawl out for a while.
kicking up dirt
Kicking up some dirt while descending.
around the next buttress
We skirted the buttress ahead on the south-east side.
up the downclimb
Back up the downclimb.
remainder of the ridge
Looking at the remainder of the ridge.
fun scrambling
Fun and challenging!
back in the trees
We followed a good trail down to the creek bed visible below.
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