Baker Mountain

elevation: 2,200 m. height gain: 1,000 m.
area: Cranbrook,BC map 82 G/5

From Cranbrook we headed south on Victoria Ave and made our way onto Gold Creek FSR. This well maintained gravel road skirts the south-west aspect of Baker Mountain (indicated on the topo. map). Yellow kilometer markers indicate the main road. About 200 m. past the 8 marker, we parked next to a branch road on the north-east side, 980768. We followed branch roads to the cutline. Near 985774, the skidoo track we used ended in an open area, but we soon picked up an old road that heads up to the cutline near 985778. There are other options, such as following the cutline from lower. The cutline leads to the top laden with all of Cranbrook's communication towers. This is a popular area with locals; the main access road on the east side (10 km one-way), is perfect for snowmobilers and ATVers alike.
at the start

Going up a branch road on compacted snow.

cutline is visible

The cutline comes into view.
Snowshoe trip: RT 6.0; 2.75 up. Well, we were very fortunate to be able to ascend to the top of this mountain. We left for a weekend with the pups, not really expecting to make the objective! Numerous factors stacked up in our favor: the conditions of the access road, the conditions of the snow, the weather and the well-being of our hounds. The road was fine, we had no trouble with the small car and by 11 AM we were off. We took advantage of a skidoo track for easy travel; it led us near the cutline. We put on our snowshoes and continued on an old road that climbed steadily. Eventually we stepped onto the cutline; the sun crust was a blessing, it allowed the hounds to remain on top of the snow and granted us a fairly quick and easy plod. The weather was gorgeous and we hiked in the sun most of the day. At the top, we took a nice break and met some locals that used sleds and ATVs to access this viewpoint for a wiener roast. The descent was great; the snow softened enough to skid down at a fast pace without punching through. The hounds did very well. Back on the road, they chose to chase each other in the fluff, still energetic... Over all a fantastic day, now we head to one of our favorite campsites near Fort Steele.
skidoo track

We continue on a branch road with a skidoo track.

on the cutline

We eventually end up on the cutline.

firm crust

A sun crust offers good travel.

heading up

Getting closer.

busy summit

Busy with antennas but great views.

break time

A picnic table at the top.

snow shelter

An old snow shelter; looks like little people.

fab and link

Fab and Lincoln.

more hardware

Looking north, Mount Fisher right of the antennas.


The Steeples.

heading down

Looking south-west near the top.

near the top

Coming down.

very fast

Conditions were great for a speedy descent!
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