Babel, Tower of

elevation: 2,325 m.  height gain: 450 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
the early bird gets a parking spot

Tower of Babel from the Moraine parking lot.
Scramble: RT 1.5; 50 minutes up. Fabrice's mom and dad have come for a visit from Montreal. We planned a nice casual hike to Consolation Lakes. This restricted area requires a minimum of four people to avoid bear encounters. Fab and I were pleased to go to an unfamiliar place. I couldn't resist mentioning the scramble up Babel. Next thing you know, I was planning a quick side trip. Fab remained with his parents at the base of the boulder field. Nicely tucked under large trees, they agreed to have an extended break and watched me climb the gully. Thank you so much Ginette and Mario, for allowing me to self-indulge! At first, it drizzled. Luckily, the weather soon improved and the sun peered through the clouds. Hiking on the wet, lichen-covered rock at the bottom was treacherous. I stayed far left, climbing below the tower to lessen travel in the slick rocks. Once in the gully, I hugged the rock wall keeping left. As I hastily climbed, rocks flew over my head and landed in the middle of the gully. I quickly reached the upper gully and summit ridge, which are easy and more fun. The top is great. In addition to superb views, you can enjoy a nice break on a sofa and read a book or watch some TV; but I didn't linger. After a speedy descent, I rejoined Fab and his parents. We walked towards Consolation Lakes on the now busy trail. A very good day out in the mountains with the family. Thanks again!!!
fab's mom and dad are in town

Heading towards Consolation Lakes.

tower of babel

The path of least resistance to the gully is climber's left of the boulder field, below the tower.

moraine lake

Popular Moraine Lake.

lower gully

The gully; I stayed against the wall on firmer ground.

a quick glance down

Looking back down.

fun but too short

The gully narrows but remains straightforward.

ridge crest

The ridge crest is ahead.

what's on tv?

Complete living room set.

panorama ridge in the background

Nice sofa and cushion.

moraine again

Moraine Lake from the top.

heading down to regroup

On the way down the upper gully.

on the main trail

Back on the trail on our way to Consolation Lakes.

consolation lakes

Fab is rock hopping along the first lake.

among many tourists

Fabrice's mom and dad with the tower in the background.

3-4 couloir

A classic picture of Moraine Lake.
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